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Review from Dale
74 events 7 reviews

Fisherman's Wharf wouldn't be complete without this place. Very educational about the Bay Area's aquatic life and how to protect it. Lots of fun things for the kids and yet a nice place to take a date.

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Review from Dearfach
15 events 7 reviews

If you have never been to an aquarium, then you may find this enjoyable. Otherwise, this venue seems to be designed for small children.

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ron purewal
Review from ron purewal
25 events 7 reviews

It's a great little aquarium. It's much smaller than, say, the Monterey Bay aquarium -- mostly because there's just not that much room for an aquarium on the wharf -- but it still has an impressive number of exhibits, most notably a long tunnel...continued

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Review from Kevin
29 events 7 reviews

The aquarium was pretty cool, especially for the size of it. The otter exhibit was incredibly underwhelming. For all the ads that are around the city, you'd expect it to be pretty cool. It was very small, and not cool or informative at all. ...continued

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Doug Neiman
Review from Doug Neiman
11 events 7 reviews

The experiencs was wonderful because for 1 hour you are eye to eye with the sea life of the northern pacific. Walking through the clear tunnels and being surrounded by the sealife was breathtaking..........

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Review from ATOMICGUY
15 events 7 reviews

This Aquarium is acceptable for children who are about 12 years old or younger. For older children and adults, it's actually kind of boring. The Aquarium is very small and you can get through the entire thing in about 15 minutes. I think we spent...continued

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Joan Sammons
Review from Joan Sammons
8 events 6 reviews

A smaller aquarium than San Francisco's Steinhart, but has good displays and lots of information on the displays. If you want to visit an aquarium and do not make it an all day visit, this aquarium would fit the ticket (we were there (2 adults)...continued

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Matt Ray
Review from Matt Ray
21 events 6 reviews

For what it is and for Goldstar prices, this place is really good. You just have to bear in mind that it is small (it's no Monterey Bay Aquarium) and somewhat low tech. But there are still really cool exhibits and nice hands-on ones as well. It...continued

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Joan Sammons
Review from Joan Sammons
8 events 6 reviews

Great size aquarium for younger children. Lots of displays--the small petting display with bat rays and skates (along with a few small sharks)was GREAT!

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Review from nahmai
14 events 6 reviews

I came here with my bf for our anniversary and i absolutely did not like it enough to recommend to anyone else. The employee at the information desk was rude.The aquarium was quite small from what i expected. So small that it's not worth the full...continued

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Review from Cristyflor
22 events 6 reviews

Its small but very friendly.

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Kristi March
Review from Kristi March
10 events 6 reviews

my 21 month old had a ball! Great deal for our family. Fun morning

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
10 events 6 reviews

The marine animals were well displayed. We especially liked the tunnel with fish on either side and above. Only 1 river otter was out, but he was very active. The other 2 were hiding up in a tree!

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Review from Pamela
13 events 6 reviews

The most fascinating part of the exhibit was walking through the tunnels through the aquariums. The tanks were a bit drab, but it was great fun. There was something for children as well as adults. Not as large as the Steinhart or Monteray...continued

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Review from debc
21 events 6 reviews

Very small does not compare to other larger aquariums. But my 5 year old granddaughter loved it - they do have a lot of touching animals interaction for children

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Review from uhohitstams
16 events 6 reviews

You can't beat the price. For the price, it was worth it. Go when the weather is nice so you can enjoy hanging around Pier 39.

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Review from tappintoes
8 events 5 reviews

Great experience with my godson who is 9. All the employees were knowledgeable, and very friendly and helpful.
The petting pools were a great hit, and he loved the hands on experience....he talked about it all the way home..

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 5 reviews

I have to confess, I am Aquarium spoiled. Atlanta, New Orleans, Long Beach- all first rate experiences. This just felt, well, a little inferior. Old. Dated. Tired. Dark.
But I LOVE the Aquarium, and I want more people to visit, so I feel...continued

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Review from suzieq
14 events 5 reviews

I took my grandson and both of us were very happily surprised at how interesting the aquarium was. Very well planned out. Will be attending more often.

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Rosemary Martinez
Review from Rosemary Martinez
7 events 5 reviews

It was actually very interesting and quite hands on. The only problem is that we took our 6 year old grandaughter and just as you walk in you see the gift shop to your right. She immediately wanted to go to the gift shop. We told her that she...continued

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