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A.C.T. (San Francisco, CA)

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36 stars
attended May 26 2013

Act 1, scene 1 knocked me out - brisk, clever, captivating! Scene 2 was super long and tedious making the overall time of the play (insides out of 3 hours) too long. That being said, the sets, costumes, lighting, directing and acting were all...continued

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105 reviews
10 stars
attended May 21 2013

I probably would have enjoyed the play, since the dialogue seemed to be quick and smart, but the acoustics in the balconey at the A.C.T. are so bad that you can't make out what's being said. I won't be getting cheap Goldstar tickets for the...continued

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187 stars
attended May 29 2013

Interesting play, though way too long and drawn out.
The comedy was in bits and pieces, with most of it in the 1st half.
The idea that some of the known (and yet-to-be-known) scientific principles were discovered by a 13 year old on her own, was a...continued

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118 events
100 reviews
13 stars
attended May 26 2013

Arcadia is a dense, intense intellectually stimulating mash up of historical romance and physics. Incredible but true. Oh and did I mention it is laugh out loud funny as well? The performance at ACT did this mixture justice. All of the actors...continued

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389 events
72 reviews
79 stars
attended May 16 2013

Wonderful Tom Stoppard, deeply thoughtful and stimulating. Engaging cast. You might want to try the free headsets if you're up on the balcony because the dialogue moves fast.

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96 events
47 reviews
11 stars
attended May 26 2013

I enjoyed the play very much. Using the headphones from A.C.T., I could hear the lines delivered by the actors clearly, even though I was seated in the Balcony. Hearing the lines clearly is important, since the conversations are so witty, and...continued

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104 events
41 reviews
58 stars
attended May 16 2013

Handsome set, directing, acting - in all a fine production of a Stoppard favorite. Some miscasting (Murray) but generally a fine job was done by all, including Murray who gave it his all in a part that didn't wear well on him. Kudos to Septimus...continued

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256 events
26 reviews
13 stars
attended May 22 2013

I love the play and the Actors were fabulous!!!!!!!

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76 events
24 reviews
23 stars
attended May 28 2013

I went for specific reasons - I'm a writer, and I've read the play and saw the original production here and was still confused. I wanted to understand more of why it was such a well regarded play. This production while paced WAY too slowly, at...continued

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53 events
14 reviews
10 stars
attended Jun 08 2013

I am glad I bought the tickets on Goldstar and did not pay full price. I left at intermission.
I like my plays with a some action and this play was all talking and it was hard for me to pick up all the conversation from the balcony. However...continued

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512 events
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172 stars
attended May 18 2013

In the Balcony, there were a lot of older people, such as we, and none of us could hear the scintillating dialogue! It was really hard to hear such an interesting play, that was complex and well-acted. So we left 2/3 way through.

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111 events
65 reviews
29 stars
attended Jun 04 2013

ACT seatings suck. Play was hour and a half too long, costumes and lighnings were real good. Acting too.

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84 events
65 reviews
1 stars
attended May 29 2013

I am a big Tom Stoppard fan, and hadn't yet seen ARCADIA, so was thrilled to hear that ACT would be doing it this year. I am going to try to see it again before the end of its run -- as with TRAVESTIES (which I've seen four times), this is such a...continued

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67 events
49 reviews
1 stars
attended May 25 2013

I'm a huge fan of Stoppard's plays, so what occurred during the performance I attended (Saturday night, May 25) was a devastating disappointment. The understudy Robert Parsons was tapped to play a major role (Nightingale), and he did one of the...continued

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61 events
35 reviews
21 stars
attended May 22 2013

This is the 7th or 8th time I've seen Arcadia. I remember seeing A.C.T.'s first performance back in 1995. It's my favorite Tom Stoppard play (well, sort of tied with Rock N Roll...). The performances and staging in this new run at A.C.T. are...continued

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113 events
30 reviews
5 stars
attended May 24 2013

good performance but Stoppard's play is a bit cryptic to understand at first try. If there is a talk post performance, one should stop by.

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46 events
29 reviews
37 stars
attended Jun 07 2013

The position of the stage to the upper seats creates severe neck strain. Also if you buy refreshments, they tell you it is alright to eat in the auditorium but when you try and eat what you just bought, you are approached by an usher telling you...continued

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52 events
25 reviews
11 stars
attended May 16 2013

It was the first night of the preview and previously I've experienced mixed opinions toward Stoppard plays, however I enjyed Arcadia and the cast was very impressive. I'd recommend this performance.

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51 events
23 reviews
4 stars
attended May 21 2013

4 people in a room talking and talking. Brilliant playwright mind at work, but I somehow missed why I was supposed to care.

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77 events
21 reviews
12 stars
attended May 16 2013

Let me start by saying that Arcadia is one of my favorite plays, and that I saw the original London production back in 1993, which is one of the best experiences I've ever had in the theater - incredibly beautiful and moving production. So ACT...continued

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