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Joe R.
Review from Joe R.
Red Velvet 265 events 178 reviews

It is difficult to write comments about last evening's performance by Ashford & Simpson because I am still so 'wired' from the energy,music and audience response! This couple have contributed so much to the music world, ti was an honor to hear...continued

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Doreen Munoz
Review from Doreen Munoz
Red Velvet 52 events 25 reviews

This was R&B royalty at it's best!! It was personable and intimate. I love the Rrazz Room as it is and seeing A&S there, was icing on the cake. And it was my birthday (11/11) as well. I was surrounded by other birthdays as well. My most memorable...continued

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Review from Cicciabella
Red Velvet 70 events 23 reviews

LOVED the show! They are as always SOLID AS A ROCK! Terrific band. Was glad to see a sellout crowd---the place was packed. Unfortunately this caused a delay seating everyone so the show started very late.

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Review from Mark
136 events 72 reviews

Great performers who know the craft. Their backup musicians were outstanding. Every obstacle was overcome and the whole place was jumpin' for joy by end of their show. Five stars? Hell, give them 9 or 10 atleast.
Sound system was good but not...continued

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Risa Meyer
Review from Risa Meyer
123 events 58 reviews

Ashford and Simpson are true performers. The energy the venue were fantastic.

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Robert M.
Review from Robert M.
124 events 56 reviews

What a fabulous performance in a perfect setting! I cannot say enough about the show put on by Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson; it was everything I hoped for - and that was some pretty high expectations! They covered many of those songs I used to...continued

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maria eugenia
Review from maria eugenia
53 events 29 reviews

I absolutely loved the show -took my friend for her birthday and she was very very happy. Unfortunately, the waiter/audience ratio was not working for me...took to long to get drinks, took too long to get inside, and I prefer getting my own...continued

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Gabriela Aranda
Review from Gabriela Aranda
53 events 28 reviews

Fantastic show - fantastic venue! The show started 1/2 hour late but they played for 90 minutes and did an encore!

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Review from anthropologist
135 events 25 reviews

Great show, great venue.

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Review from Teddy
64 events 24 reviews

The show was AWESOME!!!!!

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Theater lover
Review from Theater lover
142 events 23 reviews

Historic concert... run don't walk to get a ticket....outstanding music, all of the songs we have known but never knew they wrote,practically of all of the motown songs are theirs....fantastic entertainers!!!! Unforgettable!!!!

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Bea Sharp
Review from Bea Sharp
33 events 18 reviews

They were AWESOME! I sang and dances the entire time.

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Lynette Sweet
Review from Lynette Sweet
41 events 17 reviews

Ashford and Simpson are the real dynamic duo. The songs, the show, the atmosphere, made this one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever seen!

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June O.
Review from June O.
52 events 15 reviews

I don't know if was just the buzz of an opening night performance or what but Ashford & Simpson and their band were incredible! They had amazing energy. The venue is wonderful. No matter where you sit you have a clear view of the stage. ...continued

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Richard C.
Review from Richard C.
25 events 11 reviews

Terrific! Ashford & Simpson have great stage presence, a lot of personality, a winning chemistry on stage together, they sound GREAT and WOW!! -- what a catalogue of HITS! Truly AWESOME! I had a great time at this show. RUN to see...continued

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maureen serrano
Review from maureen serrano
37 events 11 reviews

the show was great!!! we ended up having wonderful front row seats. however, before we went in we were told that they oversold and did we want to stand or come back tuesday. that was very annoying to me and i paid for my tickets like anyone...continued

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Review from AimeeSF
37 events 10 reviews

What a fantastic show!!! When I told a friend I was going, she said, "But they don't have anything new?" I went because I really liked their music & didn't want to miss the chance of seeing them in person. Folks - you've gotta go! They've got the...continued

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Karen Stroud
Review from Karen Stroud
10 events 8 reviews

Fabulous event!! What a treat to witness up close and personal, two legendary performers and one of the greatest songwriting duos in the history of music!!!

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Cita Giles
Review from Cita Giles
19 events 8 reviews

This event was great. Ashford and Simpson put on a great show.

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Linda Ferraris
Review from Linda Ferraris
12 events 7 reviews

Energy and talent was great. I gave the tickets as a gift and they said it was a great evening. The Rrazz Room is a great place to see anyone.

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