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Review from bwkbwk
Red Velvet 437 events 117 reviews

Excellent play. Wonderful acting all around and a very interesting plot that kept my attention throughout. Warm and cozy theatre with friendly people putting on the play. I had a great time!

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Review from Michael
Red Velvet 229 events 78 reviews

Wonderfully written, acted, staged and directed. Absolutely standout performances in a warm intimate theater. Direction was impeccable and we were simply riveted to the two marvelous actors. THIS is theater!

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Review from LIH
315 events 229 reviews

I always expect to like whatever Off Broadway West Theatre Company produces. I wish its founders good fortune in their new home and thank them for leaving capable people in the Bay Area to continue to bring us good theatre.

I liked the Sach's...continued

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Review from TheaterLuvrSF
319 events 208 reviews

Good acting, good script. Enjoyed the performance.

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Linda Zimmerman
Review from Linda Zimmerman
231 events 131 reviews

80 minutes of suspense..kept me guessing "til the end and then some. The two actors were very authentic. Really an afternoon that exceeded my expectations. Go see for yourself.!

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Jack Halton
Review from Jack Halton
112 events 36 reviews

a provocative look at modern art that Thought about for days after

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James Vogt
Review from James Vogt
73 events 13 reviews

We attended the first night of the preview performances. This play is intriguing and has an excellent script with a lot of intricate dialogue. The actors are superb, and they somehow managed to successfully navigate through all the complex...continued

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Review from Jz
79 events 3 reviews

Excellent performance
Staged in an intimate small theatre
...Very well done guys

Thank you for the experience

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George A Schmid
Review from George A Schmid
16 events 3 reviews

Not a bad seat in the house! Theater very intimate. Which makes it a great setting for this play. All the action takes place in Maude’s living room and you feel like you are in it! Based on a true story, this play develops well and the acting is...continued

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Review from klk
23 events 2 reviews

An intimate night of theater with two actors who took on a twisty, fascinating script laden with interesting bits of art history and true life drama. Spirited performances--the opus on Jackson Pollock and his style of painting was wonderful--and a...continued

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Review from Lynda
10 events 1 review

I thoroughly enjoyed this play. It is very well written and the performances by the two actors was top-rate. The play lends itself very well to the intimate space and the pacing never lags. I also like that there is no intermission and the play...continued

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