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Marie Osborne
Review from Marie Osborne
28 events 6 reviews

Great, as usual!

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Review from Shooze
14 events 6 reviews

I always enjoy these guys but this time I took some friends from another country and was a bit concerned that they might not get the humor but they got it, and loved it too.

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Review from Shooze
14 events 6 reviews

I am hooked on the improv these guys provide. It is always surprisingly good and always makes me laugh so hard I start to cry. What more could you ask for.

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Anna Melillo
Review from Anna Melillo
18 events 6 reviews

Improv on one theme seemed awkward and difficult to maintain for so long. The Day of ... better to have 3 themes in that time frame as the single theme improv got old quickly.
Prefer earlier format where several topics were acted out for 10 -15...continued

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John Griffiths
Review from John Griffiths
20 events 6 reviews

One of the funniest shows I've seen in a while. I took my sister who was visiting from England and she loved it too. We liked it so much we're going to try and get a second visit in before she leaves town!

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Profile Name
Review from Profile Name
15 events 6 reviews

Our group (of 6) really did not enjoy this. We appreciated the improve aspect of it, but I could hardly call it a comedy. I've been to other improve comedy shows, and expected something completely different. This was a full-blown play, and based...continued

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Review from Shooze
14 events 6 reviews

The actors, musician, lighting designer were all fabulous. There is always something that makes me laugh so deeply that I totally relax. I took a party of 9 (some international visitors) and they all loved it. You can wear whatever you like as...continued

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Olivas Xedex Renee
Review from Olivas Xedex Renee
13 events 6 reviews

The audience was engaged the whole time. The actors were creative and professional. Wonderful collaboration with live music. I will go back and see this troupe again.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
16 events 6 reviews

The entertainment came both from watching the cast create a story--how would one cast member respond to a line created by another and carry the story forward-- as well as the story created.

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Camille Hamilton Pating
Review from Camille Hamilton Pating
30 events 6 reviews

This troupe was amazing and entertaining. We had comp tickets so you can't get better than that. Every seat in the theater is good.

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Jsn Chu
Review from Jsn Chu
10 events 6 reviews

We've been here before and loved it. This time around, there seemed to be some tension between some of the actors and it showed through in the performance. Will definitely go back, but just wasn't thrilled about the experience this time around :/

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Review from rordonk
5 events 5 reviews

4 BATS players did a great 3 act holiday drama (with plenty of humor).

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Chip Isaac
Review from Chip Isaac
30 events 5 reviews

A hilarious evening. The skill of this troupe continues to amaze me as I have been enjoying their shows for as long as they have been around. Tonight's show had me in stitches. Great job.

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Donna Price
Review from Donna Price
10 events 5 reviews

All 4 actors/actresses were hysterical. The show was entertaining and amazing. We will definitely be back.

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Review from rordonk
5 events 5 reviews

Always a blast, best IMPROV in the Bay.

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Review from Jason
5 events 5 reviews

BATS is always entertaining and tonight was fun.

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Review from sunshine
24 events 5 reviews

Couldn't keep my attention, slow - improv suppose to be quick on thier feet, very slow group.

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Art Paul
Review from Art Paul
20 events 5 reviews

Different every time; this was the third evening of Harolds -- with a different cast each time -- and there was a unique quality to the timing, story lines, energy, re-incorporation (as with each BATS performance of any kind).... you had to be...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 5 reviews

funny and entertaining. bravo!

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Paul Leonard
Review from Paul Leonard
48 events 5 reviews

Great cast...lots of laughs...thanks for the endorphins

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