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Review from rordonk
5 events 5 reviews

We saw the news parody format "This Just In." Absolutely hilarious; both sophisticated and ludicrous at the same time. I hadn't been to a BATS show in years, and this show made me regret that. I was somewhat skeptical of the news format...continued

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Art Paul
Review from Art Paul
20 events 5 reviews

(... and this is always true of BATS performances).

Every show is unique. Audience participation and presence is always crucially important. The Harold on the 6th of January will be different from any other Harold this...continued

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Julie Trell
Review from Julie Trell
16 events 4 reviews

Always a different show but always top notch talent. Clever, fresh, creative, therapeutic. I take myself here on dates and am always entertained. I am also entertained when I take other people too!

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AnnieScott Rogers
Review from AnnieScott Rogers
10 events 4 reviews

Always fun, whether it's a competition as was Friday night, or long form.

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Review from SF
32 events 4 reviews

Amusing, but I've seen better elsewhere.

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Rainbow Jill
Review from Rainbow Jill
10 events 4 reviews

BATS always delivers! Funny, clever, quick, this group is amazing! Go see them if you want to laugh out loud!

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Georgie Girl
Review from Georgie Girl
51 events 4 reviews

BATS at Fort Mason is my favorite place to see improv comedy, and features some of the best improv actors out there, all of whom teach, as well. I've seen many improv shows over the years, and come away impressed every time by these talented...continued

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Jie Wu
Review from Jie Wu
32 events 4 reviews

Bats is the best!!! No doubt!!

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Rainbow Jill
Review from Rainbow Jill
10 events 4 reviews

BATS never disappoints! This was a wonderfully fun show.

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Herve Duprez
Review from Herve Duprez
18 events 4 reviews

Excellent acting. Great creativity. A fun and very enjoyable evening.

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Review from myonlinepurchases
47 events 4 reviews


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Laura Sebastiani
Review from Laura Sebastiani
37 events 4 reviews

Funny and clever! What a gift these players have. Never the same show twice and never disappoints.

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Review from jchan
5 events 4 reviews

Great experience. Improv w/enthusiastic audience. Lobby has food/drink, opening half hour before curtain but you can carry food and drink to your seat.

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Review from Janie
8 events 4 reviews

Great show !

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Angélique Kamara
Review from Angélique Kamara
15 events 4 reviews

Had a fun night, great quality of impro

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Review from Susan
8 events 4 reviews

I brought my teenage nieces and we all had a good time, laughed a lot, were impressed by the talent and creativity of the players/actors. I also want to give a special shout-out to the staff who worked with me ahead of time to provide...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
21 events 4 reviews

Incredible actors giving a delightful performance of Shakespeare improv. They obviously were well familiar with the Shakespeare works and translated it well into their clever rendition that night. A great evening spent with an appreciative audience.

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Joan Murphy Keels
Review from Joan Murphy Keels
16 events 4 reviews

Loved this show. It turns out we know one of the actors, which made the experience even more memorable. It's amazing to me that none of these performers had rehearsed lines, and that they could come off so polished even though they didn't know...continued

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Review from Bob
11 events 4 reviews

My first time at BATS and a long time wanting to check it out. The first half was funny, the second half was hilarious! I would have no qualms about recommending it to others or to coming again myself.

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Review from SFSue
9 events 4 reviews

Our second peformance of Theater Sports and not nearly as fun/funny as the first. Our experience is Comedy Sports in Chicago - years of attending and last week's Theater Sports was very funny. This just OK

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