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Review from LWillia2000
16 events 4 reviews

Prepare to laugh out loud -- a LOT! We saw Spontaneous Broadway & I've never seen a more talented and FUNNY group of actors. Our group ranged in age from 17 to 60 and everyone gave it 5 stars! As we left the theater, several patrons were...continued

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Julie Trell
Review from Julie Trell
16 events 4 reviews

So fun. It's therapy. These performers are incredibly talented, vulnerable, own the stage, the laughs and even their "mistakes" which is part of the show.

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Review from cutcut
30 events 4 reviews

Something different to do on a Saturday night. The cast really gave it their all.

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Julie Trell
Review from Julie Trell
16 events 4 reviews

The BATS performers are absolutely brilliant and exceptionally talented. They deliver the story, the humor, the improv so well! I highly recommend attending performances here - it's a great way to spend a friday or saturday evening. Improvised...continued

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Mike Rogero
Review from Mike Rogero
19 events 4 reviews

The use of a computer to pick the topics killed audience participation which was a huge loss.

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Review from manus59
51 events 4 reviews

This was the forth time I went for the "Theatresports" series and I must say it is one of the best improvs I've seen.The acting is great and very funny.They're all very talented.The whole energy and vibe is great too.Can't wait to see the next...continued

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Review from SFSue
9 events 4 reviews

We are fairly new to SF and have attended theater sports in Chicago and loved it. Just discovered it here and will be coming often to this event. Some reviewers indicated it was not for children and I think it depends on the age. I would...continued

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Mike Rogero
Review from Mike Rogero
19 events 4 reviews

Went home and my stomach hurt for 2 hours from laughing too hard. Awesome show as always!

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Laura Sebastiani
Review from Laura Sebastiani
37 events 4 reviews

What a treat to have such improv talent so accessible. The BATs Main Stage Company is unbelievable. Not to be missed.

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Daryl Smith
Review from Daryl Smith
6 events 3 reviews

A fun evening of improvisation that was engaging and full of laughs! We would definitely go again.

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Debbie Carmel
Review from Debbie Carmel
6 events 3 reviews

A great way to spend a Friday night with the Family! Highly recommend it. The Actors really were able to quickly come up with appropriate renditions for the topic/title of performance that they were required to act out.

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Timothy N
Review from Timothy N
4 events 3 reviews

After hearing about BATS for over 10 years and never attending, I finally was asked to attend Improv Shakespeare at BAT. I should say I finally had the good fortune to "experience" the show, because it truly must be experienced to be...continued

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Lisa Gale Garrigues
Review from Lisa Gale Garrigues
18 events 3 reviews

Amazing and delightful evening of Shakespearean improv. Go see it!

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Review from kathyrow
17 events 3 reviews

BATS brought great entertainment, brilliant spontaneous theater, and lots of laughter for a great night out. Brought family from New Zealand. We all loved it and will go again!

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Review from Babsie
33 events 3 reviews

BATS Improv is consistently a great show and the best improv theater I have experienced. We always get a good laugh, and some of the skits I've seen still amuse me many months later when they come to mind for some random reason. All the actors...continued

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Review from sunnybear
26 events 3 reviews

BATS is always a treat. Their productions are amazing - loved the improv musical and will certainly be back soon.

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Liz Boeder
Review from Liz Boeder
7 events 3 reviews

Fun and silly; just what you need to ease your cares for a while!

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Donna Martin
Review from Donna Martin
16 events 3 reviews

Fun evening with some very talented performers. Will return for more performances.

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David Harband
Review from David Harband
9 events 3 reviews

Great atmosphere. Lot of fun. Brought whole family this time. Downton Abbey theme was cute, but liked the murder mystery we saw last time a little better.

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Review from shall
16 events 3 reviews

Great comic relief from the troubling times we're in! Talented who obviously bunch who love what they do.

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