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Review from candace
22 events 15 reviews

This is our third BATS Improv and we will be coming back. The shows are awesome! We brought a friend with us and his song got chosen for the big production at the end. What a riot!

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Review from candace
22 events 15 reviews

This was a fabulous show! Very fun and funny. It was great to get the audience involved. Loved it and will go again.

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claudia campbell
Review from claudia campbell
67 events 15 reviews

Was a lot of fun...really enjoyed the show!

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Ken Voorhees
Review from Ken Voorhees
36 events 15 reviews

We have been to 2 other BATS events, and they were quite funny. However, this one was terrible. It was like watching a car wreck! We left at intermission, but I doubt if it got any better.

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Evan Stone
Review from Evan Stone
29 events 14 reviews

A fun evening...with a lot of laughs.

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David Boitano
Review from David Boitano
23 events 14 reviews

Great show, great venue and if your going on a Friday night the Off The Grind trucks are right there at Ft. Mason for great food as well. One of the best fun times in San Francisco for little money. Thanks.

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Review from Richard
27 events 14 reviews

I brought my employees, and they were amazed at how quickly the cast came up with funny lines and songs. The keyboardist was excellent at following along with whatever type of music was needed as well. We had a great time!

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Review from JenningsChrist
22 events 14 reviews

Improv is hit or miss. But this was mostly a hit.

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Review from Gail
51 events 13 reviews

A few of the audience suggestions were integrated into a scripted performance.
Cast is versatile and very talented.

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Elizabeth Bechtold
Review from Elizabeth Bechtold
32 events 13 reviews

Actors speak too fast. Found sound system ( or lack of) not good!
Not really funny!

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Review from Gail
51 events 13 reviews

Cast is engaging, entertaining and very quick to incorporate audience suggestions. A most enjoyable experience.

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Review from orshi
95 events 13 reviews

entertaining as always!

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Review from wenosch
41 events 13 reviews

Much fun, very relaxed, lots of belly laughs and guffaws. Before the evening was through, my companion was already trying to get me to agree to go to more upcoming performances. Do not expect the same "A" caliber as "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"...continued

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Review from orshi
95 events 13 reviews

This was one of the funniest shows ever! I couldn't stop laughing. BATS never ever ever disappoints, always worth it!

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Review from orshi
95 events 13 reviews

very funny, great cast and good laughs! Theatersports never

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Review from Ann
178 events 13 reviews

Went to the Improvised Downton Abbey show at BATS. It was the first time BATS has presented a Downton Abbey-ish show - and they did a great job. Cast of ten improvisers created both the upstairs gentry and downstairs servants hall (accompanied...continued

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Review from davidrachleff
34 events 12 reviews

Brilliant improv!

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Review from Quin
36 events 12 reviews

Cool venue. Comedy was okay. There were some really funny moments, but other scenarios not so much. Good for the price though and makes for a fun date night in SF.

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Pat Ferguson
Review from Pat Ferguson
66 events 12 reviews

Fun evening. This troup is very talented and their performances were amazing!

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Lisa Knott Bowen
Review from Lisa Knott Bowen
118 events 12 reviews

Great fun! Laugh out loud funny.

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