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Review from Lynne
26 events 12 reviews

I liked this event very much. Lively performers and audience. Will definitely go again. It's especially great to go on a Friday night with the Off the Grid food trucks circled right there with all sorts of tasty eats.

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Lisa Knott Bowen
Review from Lisa Knott Bowen
113 events 12 reviews

so much fun!

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Jim Negri
Review from Jim Negri
55 events 12 reviews

Very cleverly done. Enjoyed the whole experience. Am now looking to see when they will be doing their Noir Musical performances.

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Review from Fran
57 events 11 reviews

BATS improv long length shows are very fun and enjoyable. this show was no exception: the audience was laughing, participating and everyone was in great spirit. it's the perfect low key, fun night out...

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Carmela Della Pia
Review from Carmela Della Pia
33 events 11 reviews

It was just ok. I am glad that I did not pay the full price for the tickets.
I will not go again as it felt like a high school production.

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Review from Euterpe
47 events 11 reviews

Very funny and innovative!

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Review from Euterpe
47 events 11 reviews

Wow, the improvised farce was absolutely hilarious. We had a ton of fun. It's amazing how there are so many people trying to keep track of everything said and be funny. I was impressed with the quality of the show.

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Review from davidrachleff
32 events 10 reviews

Brilliant improv!

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Review from loves2laugh
27 events 10 reviews

Fun evening of improv - the "Three R's" were hot :) I think I prefer the comedy sports competition to the themed evenings. This time we tied it in with dinner on-site with the Off the Grid food trucks on a Friday and it made for a...continued

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Review from sfdykeinla
40 events 10 reviews

It's an amazing art form, to watch unfold before your very eyes.

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EL Gordon
Review from EL Gordon
49 events 10 reviews

We knew it was general admission, so we got there when the doors opened. The check in procedure was easy. The performance was great! The group is immensely talented. We saw the "Downton Abbey" show, which is a misnomer. What we saw was an...continued

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Review from Nalpo
62 events 9 reviews

Always amazing! I love BATS!

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Review from msmith
28 events 9 reviews

Funny show.

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Review from msmith
28 events 9 reviews

It seemed a little short.

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localman 2014
Review from localman 2014
23 events 9 reviews

They dragged one skit out for the full time and it got too much seeing that they were kinda stuck with the same characters the whole time. I like Improv where the actors do different skits to stay fresh.

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Warren B.
Review from Warren B.
31 events 9 reviews

Two and a half stars. Had seen the show once before, loved it and brought guests on that basis. This time there was something missing. Maybe it was the chemistry among the performers, only two of whom had been in the previous show. The...continued

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Review from Saumya
18 events 9 reviews

Very satisfying experience.
From the ladies at the ticket/refreshments to the performers themselves.
The music man - everything.
Held my interest the whole time.
(I especially liked that someone didn't come on blabbing about how you needed more...continued

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Review from KJ
41 events 9 reviews

We had a great time! The actors worked well together and it made me appreciate the art form of improvisation!

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Joren Winge
Review from Joren Winge
51 events 8 reviews

Bats is hit or miss. This particular show was a miss, but with the help of your favorite inebriation it's still a fun way to pass the time of a Saturday night when you don't want to do anything too crazy. I would recommend Warp Speed, the murder...continued

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Joren Winge
Review from Joren Winge
51 events 8 reviews

BATS is kinda hit or miss but Improvised Star Trek is one of their better shows. The cast is really into it, the plot is funny and easy to follow, aq good time for all. Combine that with off the grid and you have a great night!

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