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Kelly Baraka
Review from Kelly Baraka
43 events 7 reviews

Great fun as always. Hilarious, unexpected, unscripted.

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Review from shila
15 events 7 reviews

Having been to BATS before and loved loved loved it, this time it seemed canned. That is, it hardly felt improvised and was just dumb. I was so bummed as I took 5 others with me. However, I shall come again, but do not know why this would be...continued

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Amanda Davis
Review from Amanda Davis
6 events 7 reviews

I watch a lot of comedy and this show was really solid everyone was at the top of their game highly recommend!!

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Review from Mary
62 events 7 reviews

Improv depends upon the performers choices of situation and character and consistency. From the start the most vociferous cast members made really bad choices that set the whole evening off kilter. Then, given the rotten set-up of scenario and...continued

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Review from KKBags23
33 events 7 reviews

It was funny and uplifting and they encourage audience participation

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Jolie K.
Review from Jolie K.
66 events 7 reviews

Out loud laughs!! Go!!!

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Ed Buckingham
Review from Ed Buckingham
12 events 7 reviews

Skilled and talented cast. Great location and intimate setting.

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Carol Langbort
Review from Carol Langbort
38 events 7 reviews

Surprisingly good....didn't know what to expect,but thoroughly enjoyed it. Had some good laughs, and, all in al, an enjoyable evening.

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Jolie K.
Review from Jolie K.
66 events 7 reviews
Matt duPlessis
Review from Matt duPlessis
41 events 7 reviews

The performers were so creative and interacted with each other so effectively. At times you could hardly believe it was improv. A great evening, one I'd loved to experience again.

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Lani Carissa Bassett
Review from Lani Carissa Bassett
23 events 7 reviews

The team of players at the BATS Improv are all skilled and talented in the art of Improv! The show itself was hilarious, touching, fun, and a slew of other positive things. My friends and I cannot wait for the Shakespeare Improv show that starts...continued

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Sharron Eastman
Review from Sharron Eastman
10 events 7 reviews

we have been to BATS many times when we lived in the Bay Area. Came to the City for a get away and wanted to visit favorite places. BATS did not disappoint. We love improve and these folks are great.

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Kimberley Miner
Review from Kimberley Miner
7 events 6 reviews

(This review is for Spontaneous Broadway)

Let me start by saying, as I write this review, I KNOW there were real people on that stage and I do not want this to come off as a personal attack. I appreciate that these are people with feelings and...continued

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Laurel C.
Review from Laurel C.
8 events 6 reviews

A great show, I highly recommend it!

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Kim Kinney
Review from Kim Kinney
18 events 6 reviews

Awesome. Such talented performers. As a bonus, parking was super easy nearby...and FREE. A big deal in the city.

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Jason G'Sell
Review from Jason G'Sell
28 events 6 reviews

BATS is fabulous! I've been twice, and both times I leave with a pain in my stomach from laughing so much. They always put on a great show and the audience participation is really fun. The space is intimate and allows for a lot of interaction...continued

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Review from Mary
29 events 6 reviews

BATS is one of our go-to groups for guaranteed entertainment. We saw "Spontaneous Broadway: Improvised Musical" over the weekend, and it was quite enjoyable. John Remak and Lisa Rowland are the best! I don't know how they all can think so...continued

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Review from q
137 events 6 reviews

FANTASTIC! actors are very smart and very funny!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 6 reviews

Great cast of entertainers. I thought the improve was excellent. Only a couple of spots where they got stumped but that made it more fun.

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Review from Catomaso
27 events 6 reviews

great talent, great music, great venue, great refreshments...what more does a person need?

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