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4.6 / 5 Rated by 3876 members
Review from Deborah T.
35 events 8 reviews

I would love to give this event 10 Stars if I were to rate the show alone, however, to be fair to anyone thinking of going I have to be honest. The show WAS GREAT, 10, 12 stars! BUT and that's a GREAT BIG BUT, the treatment you get as a Goldstar...continued

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Review from Melinda J.
20 events 6 reviews

This is not the first time I've been to this show and it won't be the last. Very entertaining show, cozy theater and an energetic cast!

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Review from Steven Wohl
47 events 18 reviews

Performance was fast-paced and non-stop laughs. Unbelievable costumes and hats! The vocal performances were all outstanding. The audience clearly was having a great time. Only downside was table service was very poor - we were ignored and had...continued

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Review from Zoya R.
1 event 1 review

I saw the show a few months ago and knew that they have the same "Snow White searching for her prince" story line, so I wasn't too excited to be going to see the same thing, again, even though I knew I would enjoy it. We were going as part of a...continued

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Review from Sun Bae
4 events 2 reviews

sucks....boring as hell. i walked out after 10 minutes. its good if u have no humor and is easy entertained

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Review from Honest Bob
2 events 1 review

This was a really fun goofball social and political satire. A hoot!
Great for a group of friends. We loved it!
We got there 45min early to choose seats, but it wasn't necessary. Most of the cheap seats would be fine and there was plenty of room...continued

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Review from IslandGirl58
2 events 1 review

I think the show is wonderful. This was the first time seeing it. My only complaint would be how close the seats are together. You better like the people sitting next to you, as they are practically in your lap.

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Review from R K H
Red Velvet 75 events 35 reviews

A musical evening of social commentary, comedy, outlandish costumes, excellent singing and dancing, and, of course, big hats. A must see for SF dwellers and visitors as it changes to keep up with the times ...

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Review from Patricia Trovato
5 events 2 reviews

My friends all loved the show, but I wouldn't recommend it. Thought it was cheesy and not entertaining or the least bit funny. I would however use goldstarevents again in a second.

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Review from Leslie Brown
22 events 3 reviews

I didn't think it was that clever or funny. Several of the singers had great voices though and the costumes were great. I just think the script and song choices could be improved.

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Review from Tony Carter
71 events 34 reviews

It must been about 15 years since I saw this production. Still the excellent and crazy show as it has been. All the performers were over the top and on cue. It will be a show that I will want to go again. Apparently most of my friends don't know...continued

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Review from Marcia Kabaker
41 events 27 reviews

Fabulous performance! Right up on current events--even had a skit on Paris Hilton in jail. But being in the rear, with a group of raucous girls in the row in front of us, was annoying, distracting, and we had difficulty seeing the performers.

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Review from Sherry Mickalson Thrush
16 events 4 reviews

We had a great time and enjoyed the fact that they made it an christmas event also...the price was the best ever and free parking after 6pm on the streets...we had a meal at Viva down the street and the whole night in all cost us $75.00--could not...continued

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Review from Randall S Stowe
16 events 7 reviews

This was a fantastic event to bring my visiting out-of-town parents to. I believe my father's exact quote was, "We don't get much like this back in North Carolina"! A true taste of San Francisco!!!

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Review from Anthony B.
16 events 3 reviews

One of the highlights of our San Francisco trip. First time seeing this show. Performance was hilarious with very talented singers. Audience gets into show adding to fun. I'll see it again next time I'm in the city.

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Review from Sheri
2 events 2 reviews

My husband and i went to this show not really knowing what to expect.
We had a lot of fun. It was fast paced and funny.
We went and stood in line early since it was first come first serve.
The theater was small for such a famous production and...continued

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Review from Melissa w
4 events 1 review

Great show, seats were in the back (as goldstar stated they would be) but we were center stage and saw everything. I bought these tickets as an early Christmas gift for my parents and the last 5 minutes was dedicated to Christmas! I was so...continued

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Review from Cherie C.
3 events 1 review

This show is lots of fun, and my husband and I enjoyed it. The main problem with the theater is that the floor isn't graduated, and the seats aren't uniformly staggered. You can kind of shift your seat a bit if there's a tall person sitting in...continued

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Review from Ben Krantz
30 events 16 reviews

This was a spectacular event! It was so much fun. I see a lot of theater and these are some of the best performers in the bay area. They are up there playing it as hard as they can night after night, and that is hard to do with an energetic review...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
17 events 5 reviews

I loved this show...in spite of myself. I went thinking it was just a tourist trap kind of place...I live in the neighborhood and thought I should see it at least once because the theatre is just down the street and it was, after all, a San...continued

reviewed Jun 06 2008 report as inappropriate
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