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Janice Nieder
Review from Janice Nieder
Red Velvet 403 events 139 reviews

I thought all of the cast was great EXCEPT the lead who was at the very best mediocre. Maybe she had a cold or something but she could barely carry a tune. Still a fun play.

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Review from Sally
Red Velvet 209 events 109 reviews

This was non stop musical trip to the past. The staging was fluid, the voices were great, the production numbers were over the top. Everyone knew the words to all the songs, and nostalgically sang along. It's 2 1/2 hours long, but it seems like...continued

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Review from Joi
Red Velvet 111 events 85 reviews

One of the most extraordinary and inspiring shows I have seen!!!...exceptionally well done , the music was especially enchanting and all the voices were incredible! A sweet story line of Carole's life and passion for music, very well acted with a...continued

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Thom Painchaud
Review from Thom Painchaud
Red Velvet 97 events 35 reviews

The very worse seats ever. I had to go to the box office and see if I could change my seat. Seat changed, sitting next to a 350 lb. person, which I had only 2/3 of the seat and 2 6 foot or more people in front of me. I went to the very last row...continued

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Bonnie W.
Review from Bonnie W.
Red Velvet 121 events 21 reviews

What a great show! One hit after the other sprinkled in between the on point dialogues. It was an entertaining history lesson on Carol King and her huge impact on the music scene, both from behind and in front of the scenes. The story is...continued

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Barbara Alverson Odin
Review from Barbara Alverson Odin
Red Velvet 31 events 14 reviews

I loved the music & it put the songs in the context of her life. I went with a friend & we both so enjoyed the music from our younger years. Fabulous is the word.

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Victorino Franco
Review from Victorino Franco
Red Velvet 40 events 12 reviews

It was one of the more exhilarating shows I have seen in a long. Good cast so much energy.

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Shirley Sweetenburg Sexton
Review from Shirley Sweetenburg Sexton
Red Velvet 36 events 12 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed this production! Great story and the music was amazing! The understudies for Carol, Barry and Marilyn performed at the Sunday matinee and they were extremely good -- I can only imagine what the stars' performances are like. ...continued

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Stan C
Review from Stan C
Red Velvet 25 events 12 reviews

What a great time! The music was so good, of course. Didn't know about the competing writing team and that made the song book and storyline even more enjoyable. I kept hearing people sing along at times with the show so you know they were into it....continued

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Dan Ruckman
Review from Dan Ruckman
Red Velvet 32 events 5 reviews

acting and staging was superb

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Review from Janet
Red Velvet 27 events 2 reviews

Great seats! A trip through memory lane.

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Review from antapps
Red Velvet 8 events 1 review

Great story and amazing production, and of coarse the music was"Beautiful" I would see it again!

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Jeremy Morgan
Review from Jeremy Morgan
Red Velvet 2 events 1 review

The Musical and performance was {5⭐️} great, the venue however which charged me $28 for 2 coffees (was almost 1/2 of what I paid to see the show) when I went to add cream to my coffee they were out.... out of creamer at the most expensive coffee...continued

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Claire Risley
Review from Claire Risley
684 events 290 reviews

Thank you soooo much for the great seats! Perfect vision, and accessible! So could see all the great singing and dancing that the marvelously set and arranged show displayed.

We are so lucky to be able to see good theatre like this, and the...continued

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Fran Severance
Review from Fran Severance
85 events 68 reviews

Love, love, LOVED this production! Everything about this performance was FABulous - the acting, singing, dancing - EVERYTHING! Each and every cast member put their all into it and it showed. Words fail me in describing just how wonderful this...continued

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Review from Chatwilk
90 events 48 reviews

Great cast, great acting, all had fantastic vocals. Choreography well done. Costumes on point. All in all just so entertaining. The music/song selections were so fun and so well delivered. It was hard to not get up and dance at times. And hard not...continued

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Kaylah Cheryl Sterling
Review from Kaylah Cheryl Sterling
150 events 44 reviews

I learned so much about Carole King's life. The cast was awesome, the script, educational and delightful, the music fantastic!

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queen keethia
Review from queen keethia
63 events 43 reviews

2nd time seeing it... I enjoyed it...

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Review from Birgit
136 events 43 reviews

Great music and great story. Go see it. You will feel the earth move under your feet!

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Review from Tony
60 events 41 reviews

Great script. Well-acted, humorous and great music.

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