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The Armory Community Center - The Drill Court (San Francisco, CA)

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"Black Watch"
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127 stars
attended May 14 2013

Well done. The Scottish accents were a bit difficult to understand. I really loved the venue.

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155 events
138 reviews
36 stars
attended May 17 2013

Excellent acting, dancing, singing, interesting directing, educational script.

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170 events
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108 stars
attended May 15 2013

Definitely an experience and not the usual linear narrative. I drag my husband to a play every five years or so (I go every week) and he loved this. (-: Fantastically intense and surprisingly funny. Fab Scottish cast + loved the SF Armory Drill...continued

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257 events
26 reviews
0 stars
attended May 19 2013

Great Show and very powerful story!!!! The Actors were fabulous!!!!!

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37 events
24 reviews
1 stars
attended May 12 2013

Innovative and well staged performance illustrating the life, history, traditions of Scottish "Black Watch" from 1725 to current times. Depiction of life in a war zone was especially poignant. It ran gamut from escapism to very touching moments...continued

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34 events
21 reviews
6 stars
attended May 29 2013

A truly unique theater experience in the perfect setting. The actors are highly talented, including their singing and choreography, and the sound system brings an added dimension. While is dialogue was sometimes difficult to understand due to...continued

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56 events
11 reviews
4 stars
attended May 25 2013

Fantastic show. The stadium seating was painful at the 1 hour mark and unbearable at the end.

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69 events
7 reviews
14 stars
attended May 09 2013

ALL Actors were fantastic - Story is great-
Too many F words... way too more than entire f-words I heard in my 54 years of my life
Amplifier toward the end of the show was way too noisy that I had to close my ears.
I liked the scene of switching...continued

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Carrie M. Red Velvet
29 events
7 reviews
6 stars
attended May 18 2013

An inch deep and a mile wide. The acting in this production was quite good, unfotunately, it could not overcome the play, itself, which took a very shallow view of the Iraq war experience. We left with no new insight, no connection to the...continued

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D-Rock Red Velvet
93 events
5 reviews
44 stars
attended Jun 16 2013

This was a great play. Although I wasn't insanely interested in the topic, it told a great story and did so with some really interesting stagework and very impressive physicality from the actors. Neat to see the Armory Drill Court all decked out...continued

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32 events
4 reviews
9 stars
attended May 11 2013

Very well performed and great staging. The script could have used some more words besides the plentiful unprintable ones, but it was probably true to life. The disbanding of the black watch was not explained very well and I was one of the...continued

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15 events
3 reviews
2 stars
attended Jun 13 2013

I have gone to a few performances with Goldstar my only complaint is that the seats have been in the "nose bleed" sections.

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194 events
155 reviews
39 stars
attended Jun 06 2013

A riveting performance incorporating drama, comedy, video, music, dance, and - in one insanely inspired section: fashion show (mixed with military history). This was my second trip to see the show - and it retained its power on repeat viewing. The...continued

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116 events
93 reviews
98 stars
attended May 25 2013

We liked the show. Loved seeing it in the Amory. Great location for this type of show. You can see from anywhere so don't worry if you are in the back or on the side. We did not feel this was a problem to see or hear the production. Yes it is hard...continued

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121 events
66 reviews
3 stars
attended May 23 2013

The SF weekly review is spot on. Weak character development, almost unintelligible accents.

Go see Bengal Tiger at the Bagdad Zoo instead.

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121 events
61 reviews
16 stars
attended May 22 2013

I thought it was an interesting and moving play. I did get tired of the F and C words practically being used seemingly in every sentence. The actors did a very good job and the choreography at the end was beautiful.

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70 events
53 reviews
95 stars
attended Jun 15 2013

It was brilliant but it's over.

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Nancy F.
160 events
47 reviews
315 stars
attended May 15 2013

Absolutely worth seeing! Once I settled in, and gave up on looking for a grand narrative arc and just went with the episodic ebb-and-flow of it, I enjoyed it more. (Black Watch has as much as a grand narrative arc and as much as an overarching...continued

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83 events
44 reviews
5 stars
attended May 29 2013

Loved the theatre space.
Loved the production values.
Hated this show after 5 min.
No new insight into war , just smoke and mirrors and no content at all. Just yelling, scottish accents which were hard to understand and cursing. The work fuck and...continued

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113 events
33 reviews
14 stars
attended May 21 2013

Absolutely brilliant. I was concerned about a 1 hour and 50 minute show with no intermission, but I was so captivated and mesmerized from beginning to end, that any break in the performance would have been intrusive and a let-down. I had to...continued

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