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Review from Buenavistaguy
Red Velvet 158 events 74 reviews

A very agile performer, with often quite moving recollections.

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Review from Sandy
Red Velvet 84 events 38 reviews

"Border People," Dan Hoyle's first solo performance piece for quite a few years, portrays 11 characters crafted from the people Dan interviewed over two years visiting borders with Mexico, Canada, and the Bronx. Not only do the characters increase...continued

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Review from pmi
Red Velvet 51 events 1 review

Thought provoking and heartbreaking theater.

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Review from LIH
336 events 245 reviews

Incredible energy highlighting a real problem of our age

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My Events
Review from My Events
147 events 76 reviews

Very poignant...Great representation of various characters....well done...thanks!

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Review from SLH
100 events 65 reviews

Phenomenal! Don't know why I waited so long to see it.

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Review from carole
87 events 57 reviews

Dan Hoyle is an incredibly talented individual. Able to occupy the characters he portrays, and he embodies them with empathy and humor. He is a chameleon, changing sexes and ethnicities in the blink of an eye. We are so fortunate that he lives...continued

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Review from P.H.T.
94 events 51 reviews

Dan Hoyle is such an excellent actor/writer. This piece is important and perhaps his most brilliant. I wish it could be played on TV for many more Americans to see. Bravo Dan.

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Review from Fergus
88 events 43 reviews

as always, Dan is a treasure

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Jack Halton
Review from Jack Halton
112 events 36 reviews

another guy trying to avoid a regular job by feeding the yuppie geezers with beards the usual self serving tripe.

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Review from Rosenkavalier
38 events 30 reviews

Dan Hoyle is a virtuoso of accents and tones. We loved the material that gave us much food for thought in these Trumpian times. Well worth seeing.

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zulon h bush
Review from zulon h bush
128 events 20 reviews

Damn........... he is good

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hula buddah
Review from hula buddah
40 events 20 reviews

Fantastic performance, by a very talented man . Each character was unique, relevant, and heartfelt. The building of borders, or walls, no matter what form or shape it may appear, continues to be a timely and important topic that will always...continued

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virginia kamp
Review from virginia kamp
24 events 19 reviews

Dan Hoyle's Border People is wonderful. I would love to see it again.

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Gary Levine
Review from Gary Levine
56 events 14 reviews

Dan Hoyle is a seasoned performance artist who combines exquisite journalistic integrity with the embodiment of absorbing the subtle nuances of personalities into each character. He captures the complexity of palpable fear, lost hope, confounding...continued

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Pat Schwinn
Review from Pat Schwinn
22 events 9 reviews

Dan Hoyle did a excellent job of ‘becoming’ each of the 11 individuals he interviewed. Male & Female. Gay and Straight. US Citizen and Refugee / immigrant.

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Diana Bik Boeck
Review from Diana Bik Boeck
41 events 9 reviews

Dan Hoyle is simply brilliant and the show was fantastic.
I dont know how he so effortlessly morphs from one character to the next while capturing so insightfully each person's character...just amazing.
And what a great vehicle to use to lay out...continued

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Carol McMackin
Review from Carol McMackin
30 events 9 reviews

Don Hoyle is a gifted actor and writer. It would be so terrific if he could do a screenplay or documentary style piece to reach a much broader audience than just the Marsh. Perhaps when he does his Off Broadway run, that exposure will provide...continued

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Kathy Holly
Review from Kathy Holly
31 events 7 reviews

Dan Hoyle is so talented! I think his stories, characters and accents are over the top!

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Review from batcat
17 events 7 reviews

Liked the writing but the voices were not distinct enough for each character and did not clearly portray each dialect Dan was presenting.

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