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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 847 events 723 reviews

Nicely done. Another great story by Brian Copeland.

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Robert A.
Review from Robert A.
Red Velvet 475 events 394 reviews

I have seen Brian as a stand-up comedian for many years and I saw his "Not a Genuine Black Man" play, where he was fantastic in that and I have seen him in his latest: "The Waiting Period". Brian is a super talented writer, comic, performer,...continued

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Robert A.
Review from Robert A.
Red Velvet 475 events 394 reviews

SUPER FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!!!!!!! What else is there to say: Brian Copeland is an excellent writer and performer. He takes you on a tour that runs the gamut of your emotions and I mean all of them. You are left laughing, crying, cursing and...continued

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Rodney Anderson
Review from Rodney Anderson
Red Velvet 454 events 335 reviews

Great show and proof that waiting periods are absolutely necessary.

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Review from Janice
Red Velvet 413 events 142 reviews

Beautifully written and painfully honest portrayal of a difficult subject. Moved quickly and was fascinated throughout. My only small criticism was that sometimes when Brian played certain characters his accent was hard to understand.

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Review from Janice
Red Velvet 413 events 142 reviews

Second time I saw it and it's even better than I remember! Such an important topic handled with humor, insight and great empathy. A MUST SEE!

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Jazz Lover
Review from Jazz Lover
Red Velvet 233 events 124 reviews

This is the first time I've seen Brian Copeland perform, and I agree with the other reviewers-- he is amazing!

I should have read the description of the show, however, as I was not prepared for the subject matter. (The show was recommended to...continued

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Review from Joi
Red Velvet 113 events 86 reviews

Excellent impassioned one man show told with soul-bearing honesty as well as humor and compassion...a deeply personal story about weaving his way through depression to the other side. Brian Copeland is telling his story so passionately to deliver...continued

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Clifford Young
Review from Clifford Young
Red Velvet 152 events 77 reviews

Great show! Very personal, yet funny and moving performance! Anyone who has ever been depressed (that is probably everyone) can probably relate to some of his very poignant experiences. See it when it comes back to the Marsh later this year!

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Gae S.
Review from Gae S.
Red Velvet 203 events 57 reviews

Excellent acting and thoughtful presentation on a difficult topic-depression.

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Paulette Eisen
Review from Paulette Eisen
Red Velvet 122 events 42 reviews

Important play about depression.

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Review from suecyr
Red Velvet 32 events 13 reviews

Brian's show was heart wrenching and funny at the same time. It was a great show and for anyone that knows someone with depression it really hit home. It was great !!!!

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George D
Review from George D
Red Velvet 42 events 11 reviews

One of the best portrayals of what someone going through depression experiences. Brian incorporates a number of diverse characters and both humor and drama to tell the story of one man's struggle through the darkest period of his life.

The Marsh...continued

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Review from Bella
Red Velvet 62 events 9 reviews

We saw his NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN, which was excellent, so we were expecting a lot. Very disappointed in his new play. Boring and not in the least funny.

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Stuart Riddle
Review from Stuart Riddle
Red Velvet 19 events 6 reviews

Love the Marsh.
Didn't love the show.

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Review from rayd8r
Red Velvet 30 events 1 review

Both funny and profound. A fantastic performance.

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David C. Baker
Review from David C. Baker
288 events 259 reviews

Brian Copeland did a great job profiling depression and the thoughts of taking one's life. I've been in that boat twice.
He captures it with his personal story that details dealing with a dark and sensitive subject in a lighthearted...continued

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Review from TheaterLuvrSF
320 events 208 reviews

Wow! I expected a good evening, but this was so much better even than my expectations. Really funny in parts, really touching in other parts. Brian is just masterful at telling his story. Obviously highly recommended.

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Theatre Fan
Review from Theatre Fan
159 events 140 reviews

Copeland is one of the top ten solo performers in the city.

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Linda Zimmerman
Review from Linda Zimmerman
238 events 131 reviews

Brian Copeland has done it again..provided social commentary about a serious subject in an amusing yet sensitive manner. The sold out house gave a standing ovation to this "beautiful mind"!

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