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Gerald Deighton
Review from Gerald Deighton
Red Velvet 104 events 34 reviews

This narrated cruise should not to be missed - even by San Franciscans.

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Review from ButtaFlyDreamz
Red Velvet 39 events 24 reviews

As long as I have lived in NorCal, never have I experienced any type of water tour. During the event i was totally in awe an wondered aloud to myself; 'how have I missed THIS?" One of the most envigorating experiences to date and these few...continued

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Review from Dullah
Red Velvet 70 events 18 reviews

Very informative. Lots of history imparted through the taped presentation. Dress for windy weather.! For the camera buff there are some great shots. If it's too windy to take pictures on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge (GG) you can take the...continued

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Robert Dobbs
Review from Robert Dobbs
Red Velvet 83 events 17 reviews

It had been over 20 years since I enjoyed a bay cruise. The bridge to bridge tour was 90 minutes of aquatic beauty, tranquility and civic pride. Going at this time of year when there are fewer tourists made the effort and the sailing smooth and...continued

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Review from LaMont
Red Velvet 18 events 9 reviews

The weather held out and while the fog burned off the Bay, the cruise was wonderful. The recorded tour was exceptional and added to the experience. We'd highly recommend it. Made our afternoon!!!

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Ruth Robertson
Review from Ruth Robertson
160 events 93 reviews

I'm a native San Franciscan who has always put off doing the fun "touristy" things and decided to treat myself to this tour. It was fun, the weather cooperated, and the nice man below deck called my attention away from the audio tour was...continued

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Review from Joi
113 events 86 reviews

What a gorgeous ride! What a fabulous deal! Well-worth it for natives and tourists alike, and great for families too. Luxurious amount of time to have a full 90 minutes on the water.

A perfectly picturesque ride on San Francisco Bay...continued

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Review from Michael
236 events 82 reviews

my wife and i thoroughly enjoyed the ride. dress for wind and chilly temps so you can venture out on the deck and appreciate the beautiful views. the pre recorded narration was o.k. and available in a dozen languages. boat staff very nice.

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Review from Michael
236 events 82 reviews

the crew are friendly and helpful. the ride is beautiful. the recorded guide wasn't very useful, and often out of sync. ie describing a place after it's out of sight. a very fun thing to do at goldstar prices. we saw dolphins and sea lions. ...continued

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Sue T.
Review from Sue T.
99 events 76 reviews

I live in the East Bay. I have not been to Fisherman's Wharf in, literally, at least a decade. I warn out of towners that I will take them anywhere EXCEPT Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf. However, it seemed wrong that I've lived here for 15 years and...continued

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Richard Theirrien
Review from Richard Theirrien
205 events 70 reviews

Best way to get beautiful views of the city and the famous Golden Gate. Take along a hoodie if you ride on the outside of the boat. Awesome photo opts.

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Judy Wong
Review from Judy Wong
77 events 66 reviews

It was an enjoyable 90 minutes of cruising under the Golden Bridge, past Alcatraz, Angel Island, the Ferry Building and under the Bay Bridge in Downtown San Francisco.

Everyone received a headset to wear and you select your language of...continued

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Review from LP
78 events 61 reviews

a lovely way to spend part of the afternoon. narration part was very good and quite interesting

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Rach N
Review from Rach N
101 events 54 reviews

It was educational and quite beautiful but I think that the 60 minutes cruise also offered by Red and White Fleet will be just right. I found myself a little bored and somewhat seasick by the end of the ride.

The concession bar on board Red &...continued

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David K. Liu
Review from David K. Liu
123 events 42 reviews

at start was laughably fogged in & cont'd for 1/2 of audio program
cdn't see anything being described..but fog lifted partially and sights were magical..at end it was joyful and really rewarding...crew was really friendly..made for a great...continued

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Review from Sandy
210 events 40 reviews

I came with a friend for the Bridge to Bridge ride. It was foggy the day we went and the water was very choppy. We would have enjoyed it much if it wasn't so foggy, so we could take better pics. The water being choppy made it hard to balance and...continued

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Review from Sandy
210 events 40 reviews

I give it 3.5 stars. It is a British play but the actors didn't have a brit accent. :P i recognize one of the actors from a local show I've seen recently. I'm not sure if it's the plot of the play but it was a bit slow and kept dragging. I was...continued

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Rebba Middleton
Review from Rebba Middleton
86 events 31 reviews

I did enjoy it but it was supposed to be a two hour tour. It was 1/2 short and the tape was only 1 1/2 hrs so they knew it wasn't true from the get go....

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Review from cdbnonstop
41 events 23 reviews

After living in SF for 9 years, I decided to treat myself to this "tourist"
cruise. (Despite the not particularly good audio quality), the history/audio tour of the city and its buildings was quite interesting! And amazing photo opps of so many...continued

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Review from Irina
44 events 22 reviews

Loved it! The day was very nice and sunny, we got to see all of the bridges and islands. Highly recommended!

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