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Review from Hllywd
Red Velvet 985 events 468 reviews

This was a very well done performance. Five stars to the lead who played Sally Bowles and to the live musicians. The supporting cast was also top notch and giving their all. You could sense the passion. There are a few changes that would make this...continued

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Janice Nieder
Review from Janice Nieder
Red Velvet 404 events 139 reviews

Sally Bowles was superb!

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Review from Beverley
Red Velvet 185 events 32 reviews

Performers were very good, but a bit too graphic in some scenes.

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Michael Nichols
Review from Michael Nichols
Red Velvet 57 events 31 reviews

Great production with an outstanding cast. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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Review from Kealani
Red Velvet 18 events 2 reviews

I wish I could leave another rave review like other members have. Instead my experience was disappointing due to a seating issue. We were seated at the very first row “AA”, too close to the stage which should not be even sold. I’m very short,...continued

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Review from TheaterLuvrSF
319 events 208 reviews

The singing, the acting, the staging/dancing, and the set - better than Broadway! And Cate Hayman as Sally Bowles was wonderful.

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Review from Oakpaul
315 events 142 reviews

A wonderful effort, especially for a local theatre group. Go see it!!!

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Mark D Fulwiler
Review from Mark D Fulwiler
199 events 74 reviews

This was a really wonderful performance. Everything was spot on. Well done! This musical still packs a punch.

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Linda Huynh
Review from Linda Huynh
156 events 65 reviews

Wonderful performance! The downfall was sitting in the front row for this performance with the 1 foot raised stage the view wasn't good. My head started hurting and I started feeling nauseous.

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Ray F Matthew F
Review from Ray F Matthew F
72 events 60 reviews

One of the most powerful productions I've seen. Withthout exageration, the parallels with the nascent of Nazism in Germany and our current atmosphere in this country is frightening.
Very poignant.

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Vicki Siegel
Review from Vicki Siegel
117 events 55 reviews

Amazing singing, choreography and concept. Direction and acting were terrific.

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Review from Kirk
78 events 42 reviews

Sunday afternoon I saw Cabaret again.. for the first time.. San Francisco Playhouse's production is extraordinary, though provoking, provocative, and evocative adding new depths to an already powerful story. It brilliantly captures the decadence...continued

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Review from emilyodza
91 events 38 reviews

Darker themes emerge in the second act -- and it can leave you shell shocked and terribly sad, as we become invested in the humanity of the characters. The message to wake up to what's happening around you is an important one.
The performances...continued

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noel pinto
Review from noel pinto
148 events 31 reviews

This is not the original Cabaret. Many friends did not go as they had seen it many times. Music same ... different story. A must see

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Dmitry C.
Review from Dmitry C.
89 events 26 reviews

Sally Bowles lead is simply stunning, especially in the final solo. Truly simply stunning. The show lagged at times but that one solo number made it all worth it.

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Review from Chuck
69 events 22 reviews

A well done rendition of a classic show! The choreography, singing and dancing were amazing!

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Review from sfplay1
72 events 22 reviews

Top production especially the music.

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Sandra Foster Lovas
Review from Sandra Foster Lovas
142 events 15 reviews

A Broadway worthy production--in all ways--of one of of great
American musical dramas. Cannot overstate how great this production is--
singing, acting, dancing, production values, etc. A rare opportunity...kudos to the Cast and Crew!

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Sandra Foster Lovas
Review from Sandra Foster Lovas
142 events 15 reviews

This dark masterpiece miraculously produced in every way, as it expertly juxtaposes from pure decadence to pure sweetness. Run, don't walk!

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James Vogt
Review from James Vogt
73 events 13 reviews

Very well done. Polished cast. Some chilling moments. Recommended.

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