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Review from Hllywd
Red Velvet 976 events 465 reviews

This was a very well done performance. Five stars to the lead who played Sally Bowles and to the live musicians. The supporting cast was also top notch and giving their all. You could sense the passion. There are a few changes that would make this...continued

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Review from TheaterLuvrSF
312 events 206 reviews

The singing, the acting, the staging/dancing, and the set - better than Broadway! And Cate Hayman as Sally Bowles was wonderful.

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Linda Huynh
Review from Linda Huynh
149 events 64 reviews

Wonderful performance! The downfall was sitting in the front row for this performance with the 1 foot raised stage the view wasn't good. My head started hurting and I started feeling nauseous.

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Review from sfplay1
72 events 22 reviews

Top production especially the music.

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Sandra Foster Lovas
Review from Sandra Foster Lovas
141 events 14 reviews

A Broadway worthy production--in all ways--of one of of great
American musical dramas. Cannot overstate how great this production is--
singing, acting, dancing, production values, etc. A rare opportunity...kudos to the Cast and Crew!

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James Vogt
Review from James Vogt
71 events 13 reviews

Very well done. Polished cast. Some chilling moments. Recommended.

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Review from PrivacyMatters
22 events 8 reviews

10 Stars for singing, acting, direction/staging, costumes: ALL
Run don't walk.

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Review from zorystan
38 events 7 reviews

great production.female lead, master of ceremonies, and band outstanding.i love what you are doing.

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Anna Ewins
Review from Anna Ewins
52 events 5 reviews

Five star! Talented actors and musicians and a wonderful production.

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Rodolfo Santini
Review from Rodolfo Santini
0 events 1 review

A must see, powerful ending, the performers were great.

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Susan Tierney
Review from Susan Tierney
7 events 1 review

Excellent acting, music, dancing, story.

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Loryn Mae
Review from Loryn Mae
4 events 1 review

Truly outstanding production. The performances across the board were gripping. Loved it!

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