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Review from Andrew
7 events 3 reviews

Great views of the city, golden gate bridge, Sausolito and Alcatraz. The food was good, though definitely more of a snack situation. Totally worth doing for the amazing city views. Better if you do it with friends or family.

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Dumawal Marissa
Review from Dumawal Marissa
8 events 3 reviews

It was a pleasurable experience!The staff starting from the guy at the ticket booth, the crew, bartender and food guy were great! The food was plenty to satisfy us and the choices were great! The ride was smooth and music soothing and relaxing....continued

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Boston Doudou
Review from Boston Doudou
9 events 3 reviews

It was really foggy but the cruise was still pretty nice with nice food and music

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Catherine Kahwaji
Review from Catherine Kahwaji
8 events 3 reviews

It's my second time on this cruise.My husband and I take our out of town guests on it and it's always a pleasant cruise.The food is an assortment of small sandwiches, cheese, peperoni, salame,salads with a drink as well, and the crew is always...continued

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Rose Ramirez Rosales
Review from Rose Ramirez Rosales
12 events 3 reviews

Loved it here!!!!!!! Must experience

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Nancy H
Review from Nancy H
6 events 3 reviews

My second cruise, a treat for my Arizona relatives. A clear night on the SF Bay, great food, comfy boat, good company and good music. Cruising under the Golden Gate Bridge is a special treat and the staff was friendly and helpful. A great...continued

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Review from Vicky
8 events 3 reviews

My second time going in two months this time I took 2 friends and they absolutely loved it. We were blessed with a close to perfect evening with beautiful views of our incredible SF, so glad it includes food too, my friends had to work on...continued

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MariCar Billanes
Review from MariCar Billanes
6 events 3 reviews

Not much of a sunset since it was overcast,(not anyone's fault) other than that it was a very nice relaxing experience with my hubby. Oh...plastic cups for my wine and the bartender with body odor was my negative.

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Review from JPizzle
10 events 3 reviews

Not only had a beautiful sunset to enjoy, but also had a full moon over the city. Couldn't have been prettier.

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Review from Elaine
22 events 3 reviews

Recommend casual and warm dress. All went well. The music and boat trip was great. The food was plentiful but marginal for the price.

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Review from Michele
9 events 3 reviews

Such a great time and perfect little buffet.. we loved it! They even let me jump in the ocean for a quick swim! (NOT!) LOL!! Great joke pic attached :-D

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Review from Abercrombie25
10 events 3 reviews

The cruise was great! There were plenty of good photo ops (of Angel Island, Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge). The water did get choppy a few times, but overall it is a great experience.

You get a free drink ticket, which you can redeem for...continued

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Review from Longin
4 events 3 reviews

the cruise was great and I would do it anytime again. some of the scenery we got to see was incredible. Even as a local I could not believe some of the beauty around the bay we got to see from the boat.
can only recommend the trip..

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Review from Martha
26 events 3 reviews

The weather was wonderful. The whole trip was full of beautiful scenes and music.

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Dumawal Marissa
Review from Dumawal Marissa
8 events 3 reviews

There were 15 of us in the cruise and we all love it. The sailing was smooth, the food great and crew was very polite and helpful! The only wish we had was for the music to be danceable! Overall I would give it a 10

Forever friends

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Review from Birdie
4 events 3 reviews

This was by far the best experience I have had in San Francisco! The views were amazing & the crew was spectacular! bartender's were also super nice & helped carry drinks to the table. I would totally do this again next time visiting & would...continued

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Review from Airlineguy
9 events 3 reviews

This was much better than I expected and I would highly recommend this cruise to others. The appetizer buffet was of exceptional quality and there was never a time when the crew was not replenishing it. In fact, there was still food left over...continued

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Don Hattala
Review from Don Hattala
11 events 3 reviews

Very pleasant day on the bay. We saw seals and porpoise out by the Golden Gate Bridge. Excellent, enjoyable musician. Might be a nice addition to just add some of the factual information that you get on the other shorter Red and White tours with...continued

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Maarri Donaldson
Review from Maarri Donaldson
5 events 3 reviews

We really enjoyed this cruise. Had a lot of fun. We went on June 20, almost the longest day of the year so it was really a sunset cruise. The weather was perfect. That being said the wind does come up so you need to dress warmly. We felt the food...continued

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Dannel Thompson
Review from Dannel Thompson
31 events 3 reviews

We went for my fiance's birthday. We went in October during the week and it was not full so there was plenty to eat. The views were beautiful . I was dressed warmly so once the sun went down it felt perfect. I expected it to be a windy but it...continued

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