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Donna Schaffer
Review from Donna Schaffer
26 events 10 reviews

Fabulous place; fabulous dancers.

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Review from Art
17 events 10 reviews

The measure of quality of these dancers is that they had a full house the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, after playing in this venue for more than eight years and when folks could have been exhausted from turkey and Black Friday. Lead dancer...continued

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Review from Meg
116 events 10 reviews

Very cool and such a unique thing to do in SF. Great food, cool ambiance, and very entertaining performers.

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Review from Tricia
15 events 9 reviews

The food was great, service was excellent and the flamenco dancing was very entertaining. We had a great time.

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Review from Tricia
15 events 9 reviews

The show is very entertaining. The guitar player is great and the dancers and singers are so professional and entertaining. I wish they had asked us all to get up and dance at the end (like the last time I was there). And the food was terrific!

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Ginger Pepper
Review from Ginger Pepper
18 events 8 reviews

Definitely go see Ballet Flamenco. It is amazingly entertaining and the ladies change outfits in style. Hot rhythms, and an amazing flamenco guitarist and singer accompany the dancers. The footwork is amazing. The food is also very good with...continued

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Anat Gafni
Review from Anat Gafni
20 events 8 reviews

It's a rather short but nice performance. 2 dancers, one very good female singer and a guitarist.
A little part of it is interactive. It's not all polished, and it is in the restaurant, so not perfect viewing of the feet from every seat.

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Laurent Tillette de Corral-Tonnerre
Review from Laurent Tillette de Corral-Tonnerre
24 events 7 reviews

Carolina's castanets, Carolé's dancing, as well as the singer and guitar player made it a good performance.

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Review from tealover
26 events 7 reviews

Small crowd but fun event. There is a minimum two drinks/two plates per person not included in the ticket description. The place serves all Vegan dishes and desserts. Delicious.

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Review from Hyacinth
40 events 7 reviews

What we could see of the performance was ok. The venue (Pena Pachamama) was not the ideal setting for such a performance. The stage was set back in a Alcove - unless you were seated directly in front of it - you couldn't see - only hear the music....continued

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Alexandra De Avalon
Review from Alexandra De Avalon
14 events 6 reviews

Fantastic performance!

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Connie Wall
Review from Connie Wall
13 events 6 reviews

Neither of stars were there. Told us they were out of town. Should have told us that before buying tickets. Also told us one sub cancelled and they had to scramble to find a replacement. Performers were hood but not what we purchased. AND we were...continued

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Review from Lili
15 events 6 reviews

Wonderful show. I loved it!!! Great music and food.

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Cristina Radu
Review from Cristina Radu
16 events 5 reviews

It was a fun event!

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Review from Roya
28 events 5 reviews

It was entertaining and different, a great cultural experience, but not spectacular.

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Review from joroclo
13 events 5 reviews

Really tacky. very small room with rickety chairs and no stage. Couldn't see much as we were seated in the back. Talent disappointing including music (1 guitar). Costumes not nice; too raggedy for such a tiny venue. No alcohol except wine. ...continued

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Review from ms
7 events 5 reviews

Suppose to be Carolina Lugo & Carole Acuna's Ballet Flamenco, but daughter was sick, so got an alternate performance, so OK but not what we paid to see. We should get refund since we are out transport costs to get to and from venue, and the dinner...continued

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Lisa R.
Review from Lisa R.
16 events 5 reviews

The flamenco featured a singer, guitarist, and two dancers. I've seen flamenco before and it was not the best I've seen, but it was appropriate for a restaurant venue and small stage. It reminded me what you would experience at a local restaurant...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
10 events 5 reviews

Wonderful Flamenco Dancing!

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Review from Pati
8 events 4 reviews

Wonderful food! Wonderful venue! Superb performance!! This is an especially fabulous place to celebrate a birthday. We will never forget this beautiful dance performance with gorgeous singing and guitar. It was mega fun!!

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