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Review from marinag55
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Excellent show

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Review from Moni1878
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Food was terrible and overpriced. Very small portions too. The show was very short (4 songs, 2 of them improvised). The service was really bad and even though I paid for tickets they still went around after the show asking for tips for the...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Food: 2 stars (potatoes w/mustard-like topping, corn tamale w/del monte(?) cream corn stuffing.
Drinks 1 star: watery sangria w/papaya pieces. What!?!
Flamenco show: 3 stars. Enjoyable for a half-hour show, intimate setting, but could not...continued

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Review from clshephard30@gmail.com
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Fun show - something different. Cozy restaurant. Nice crowd.

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Tatyana Yurkhova
Review from Tatyana Yurkhova
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Great dansers, lovely music; it was like a little trip to Spain for one evening!

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Laurie Moreno
Review from Laurie Moreno
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I thought the show was very good.

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Review from Caroline
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I was not impressed by this event. The show started late, the MC was rude, and their singer didn't show up so the entertainment experience wasn't as good as it could have been. My guest and I left early, bored and disappointed. Also - the menu...continued

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John McGinn
Review from John McGinn
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Inspiring performance, excellent food, great crowd in an intimate setting.

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Varun Turlapati
Review from Varun Turlapati
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It may be tough to get service if you are seated close to the door. The space was small but I love Flamenco and otherwise enjoyed the performance.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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It was a 5 star show, but started super late and the food was so-so. I love South American cuisine and I'm not sure it meshes well with the vegan, raw food trends.

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Page Binkley
Review from Page Binkley
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It was wonderful, It had been the first time in fifty five years. Way to long. It was really nice to talk to Carolina about her dancing. What a wonder performer and performance, Beautiful...

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Review from Marilu
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It would have been nice if the singers gave a background to the songs, since the songs were not in English. The food was ok and pricey for what one gets; the food bill included a tip for the dancers, which I don't understand, since we already paid...continued

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Susan Calderon
Review from Susan Calderon
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Just terrible. Seated at the door, couldn't see a thing, had to order food/drinks, stale banana chips with bland lentil stuff. Just awful. Left early and grabbed a pizza around the corner.

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Susana Matias
Review from Susana Matias
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Make sure to get there early so you can get tables from where you can see them well.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Pena Pachamama is a great little venue to experience Flamenco dance and music. It reminded me of the 60's in North Beach. The performers were excellent. All in all a good time!

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Lynette Hart
Review from Lynette Hart
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Second time seeing this show stayed on to hear eddy navia

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Eric Rodriguez
Review from Eric Rodriguez
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Show was late in starting, but finished on time. Venue extremely small--causing obstructed view of dancer. Food mediocre. Drinks, music, and performers excellent!

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Risa Sullivan
Review from Risa Sullivan
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Small, intimate venue--stage is in the Pena Pachamama restaurant. The group was very Informative about flamenco origins and the dancing by Carolina and Carole' was superb as was the accompaniment. Their flamenco has been passed down from many...continued

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Review from Thilario
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The advertisement for the show was a bit misleading. There was the mother but no daughter. Although the musicians were good, the mother seems a bit full of herself and controlling the ensemble during the performance. Not too thrilled!

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Yasmin Amer
Review from Yasmin Amer
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The guitarist was continually tuning his intrument incorrectly, it sounded terrible. He also couldn't sing. The sound system was lousy so the whole thing sounded like shrieking as well. The dancing was mediocre. There was nothing Bolivian about...continued

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