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Review from Hllywd
Red Velvet 997 events 469 reviews

Both my friend and I loved this musical. Ray of light never disappoints. The lead actress was amazing. There is one song she sang that I could just feel her emotions and pain. it didn’t seem like acting, it felt real. all the singing voices were...continued

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Review from Janice
Red Velvet 415 events 142 reviews

I left after 20 minutes. One of the worst musicals I've ever been to. Had no idea what was going on and could care less.

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F. E.
Review from F. E.
Red Velvet 215 events 132 reviews

Outstanding performances and fabulous voices. Good story. I enjoyed it.

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Review from Buenavistaguy
Red Velvet 156 events 74 reviews

An energetic and moving performance. Some unevenness in voices, but as usual Ray of Light delivered a high quality production.

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Jose R. Colon
Review from Jose R. Colon
Red Velvet 161 events 52 reviews

Very entertaining show. Good cast. The children in the show were very good. The lead did a good job with some hard pieces.

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Marilynn Lutich Bean
Review from Marilynn Lutich Bean
Red Velvet 159 events 17 reviews

I absolutely loved this show. I wish it was on longer because I would definitely see it again. The singing, the acting, the story, it was all fabulous.

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Ellen Press
Review from Ellen Press
Red Velvet 17 events 4 reviews

I saw this show thru SHN a numbest of years ago....this production was every bit as good! This production was every bit as wonderful!! This is an incredibly amazing show. From start to finish every character, every song is perfect.

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Curt Keyer
Review from Curt Keyer
Red Velvet 35 events 4 reviews

The cast carried off the show beautifully. I was engaged and entertained throughout and ultimately moved to tears. A great evening at the theater! Ray of Light did it again!

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Ruth Robertson
Review from Ruth Robertson
160 events 93 reviews

Outstanding performance of music and dancing by the entire cast and the orchestra was also top-notch. Everyone was a star in his/her own right, including the several solos of the clarinetist.

The only fault was that, even with the voices...continued

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Mark D Fulwiler
Review from Mark D Fulwiler
211 events 81 reviews

This is an excellent show, with a great performance by the actress who plays Caroline. Enjoyable and thoughtful. Highly Recommended.

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Richard Hammer
Review from Richard Hammer
550 events 62 reviews

Being Very Familiar with this Unique Musical - This Production featured Truly Remarkable Individual Performances that Thrilled this Veteran Theatre Maniac & Touched my Soul! BRAVA & BRAVO to ALL!

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Lawrence Helman
Review from Lawrence Helman
114 events 54 reviews

The show is phenomenal
The singing is amazing
The cast exemplary
The orch is out of this world
I cannot recommend this production enough
Walk don’t run to see this show
You will thank me


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robert morgan
Review from robert morgan
160 events 43 reviews


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Nicholas Groth
Review from Nicholas Groth
118 events 41 reviews

The performance was over-miked and the singing was unintelligible.

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Review from josephine
215 events 25 reviews

FANTASTIC performances, directing, costumes. Soulful, amazing voices brought tears to my eyes. We saw it closing night - too bad we didn't see it sooner and I could have raved to all my friends. We look forward to the next Ray of Light production,...continued

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Review from Magda
54 events 15 reviews

Incredible cast and performance - powerful and heart gripping.

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Review from Miriam
46 events 8 reviews

I was undone by this show, a beautiful exploration of the ways people misunderstand each other but also how they can bridge those misunderstandings. The music was challenging for a few of the performers, but the acting was uniformly strong. See it!

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Review from daved229
35 events 6 reviews

Creative musical, solid production and cast.

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Lois Harris
Review from Lois Harris
27 events 5 reviews

Really Good Show. I loved the singing and the acting. Never a dull moment.

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Becca S
Review from Becca S
25 events 5 reviews

So glad i got to see this staged - gorgeous music, and the cast was wonderful. My only complaint was that the acoustics of the theater made it hard to hear some lines.

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