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In Caught, a pop-up gallery hosts a retrospective of the work of legendary Chinese dissident artist Lin Bo, who was imprisoned in a Chinese detention center for a single work of art. On display are more than 15 years of his politically charged conceptual art spanning print, sculpture, multimedia, and live performance installation. Recently profiled in The New Yorker, the artist himself is present, and he shares with patrons the details of a personal ordeal that defies belief. Inspired by the Mike Daisey scandal of 2012, Caught dares to stare into the epistemological abyss to discover that facts are only ever one piece of the story.

The germ of the idea for Caught came to Chen in 2009 while participating in the Beijing Fringe Festival. “In Beijing I visited a city district devoted solely to contemporary Chinese art,” says Chen. “Knowing what I do about the Chinese government’s penchant for controlling public expression, I was shocked to find myself walking through gallery after gallery displaying what appeared to be subversive art. My first reaction was: Wow, maybe things are freer here than I thought! But my second thought was filled with doubt. What subtle details am I missing? The surreal dissonance I felt walking through that district stuck with me, and that’s what I explore in this play.”

Playing Lin Bo, Jomar Tagatac joins an ensemble that includes Charisse Loriaux, Lawrence Radecker and Kathryn Zdan. Tagatac was recently seen in Magic Theatre’s critically acclaimed The Happy Ones. Loriaux and Radecker have both recently performed with Crowded Fire Theater, Loriaux in 410[Gone] and Radecker in The Bereaved. Kathryn Zdan’s recent credits include roles at Marin Theatre Company, TheatreWorks, and the Livermore Shakespeare Festival. Paul Cello and Susannah Martin co-direct.

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