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Review from Vmedia
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The Cobbs wait staff is always a bit pushy about your 2 drink min
and will keep your card and add things - so stay on the Cobbs wait staff= But the show was expected - 70% laughs and 40% looking at my watch and wondering why i am here --


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Review from bigarn
49 events 35 reviews

Last night was the first Comedy showcase that was disappointing. Only three out of fifteen comedians were funny. But better than sitting home and watching nothing on TV.

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Rebba Middleton
Review from Rebba Middleton
86 events 31 reviews

The price was great and out of maybe 10-12 comedians? Five were funny and 3 were really funny . Definitely worth it for a Wed. Night outing.....

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Rebba Middleton
Review from Rebba Middleton
86 events 31 reviews

The show was really good. I was late, but the last three comedians were really funny!! It was a good price and I found good parking.

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Lily Yip
Review from Lily Yip
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A few comedians were quite funny.

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Maribeth Goldstein
Review from Maribeth Goldstein
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very funny line up!!

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Frederick Dale Karp
Review from Frederick Dale Karp
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We enjoyed this evening at Cobb's. No one comedian dragged on too long. It was nonstop entertainment. Darius did a good job as emcee and it was surely worth attending. And, our waitress was prompt and polite.

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Frederick Dale Karp
Review from Frederick Dale Karp
258 events 20 reviews

We had an excellent night of entertainment at Cobb's Comedy Showcase. The encee was very good and everyone brought something different but worthwhile to the show. We particularly were impressed with the 6'7" comedian. This show lasted over 2 hours...continued

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Review from isabel
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The comedians were amateur and not all that funny. The wait staff took forever closing out the tab.

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Reverand Versil Milton
Review from Reverand Versil Milton
40 events 11 reviews

The comedians were not really funny. They were gross and didn't have much talent!

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Joyce Hooks
Review from Joyce Hooks
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The host was good, he made some memorable jokes. A couple of the comedians had the same routines from Comedy Day, just a month ago, so I guess that's not so bad. I enjoy new talent, there was a good mix. The menu has been updated, the hummus...continued

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Lucky Thomas
Review from Lucky Thomas
28 events 9 reviews

Took a Lady Friend. Got lucky and found a parking spot across the street from the club. Parking is definitely hard to find in the North Beach Area. Both of us enjoyed the quality and variety of comedy. It was very entertaining. They showcased...continued

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Allan S. Manalo
Review from Allan S. Manalo
26 events 8 reviews

The comics were solid. My only problem with Cobbs now is the seating. You're ushered to your seats and directed to share your table with another party when there are so many empty seats. Luckily, the folks we sat with were cool, not always the...continued

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Randall Henry
Review from Randall Henry
58 events 7 reviews

Great time, fast paced all the comedians brought their A game. Highly recommend.

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Amanda Davis
Review from Amanda Davis
6 events 7 reviews

Really fun! Unique mix of comics. I had a fun time.

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Cecil Newton
Review from Cecil Newton
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They had a very varied group of comedians. They were all funny in their own way. Kamir was pretty good and so was Cameron. The Indian girl was funny too. Worth the night out.

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Ed Buckingham
Review from Ed Buckingham
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Venue great. Food poor. Half of comedians were great. Other half not so much.

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Valeria C.
Review from Valeria C.
20 events 6 reviews

Had a good time. There were many comedians, each with their own style. Even though I have seen some of the comedians before, it was still enjoyable since they had new material.

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Review from Kathleen
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It was a very enjoyable evening. Lots of laughs!! Looking forward to going again!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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This "Showcase" had a half-dozen local (and presumably rising) comedians their ten minutes on the stage. My reviews of the performers are of no value--you will probably see others (Except for Mike Betancourt, the host, who was really quite...continued

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