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Review from Roadrunner
Red Velvet 301 events 37 reviews

Great fun, and hilarious. went because of other Goldstar reviews, and will go and see him again next time that he comes through town.

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Review from TME
Red Velvet 20 events 5 reviews

Went with friends, great show. Laughed the whole time & would definitely go back when he's in town.

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Review from ejgnecco
Red Velvet 147 events 1 review

Fkn dope like soap on a rope! :)

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Review from Nativeson
93 events 34 reviews

Great show last night. Good lineup all the way around. If you can make it to The Punchline tonight, GO!

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Major theater fan
Review from Major theater fan
92 events 24 reviews

Porter was somewhat better than the lead-in, Chris Tinkle. Still, I had hoped that the main material for stand-up had evolved since the 80s (bro jokes, wife jokes, racial stereotypes). OTOH most other people were laughing, so maybe I just have a...continued

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David Levine
Review from David Levine
42 events 18 reviews

I've been to countless shows at the Punchline and this was easily the best show I've ever been to. Every comedian including an amazing guest spot by Doug Benson was unbelievable and hilarious! I also have to commend the staff of the Punchline and...continued

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Andrea Bouie
Review from Andrea Bouie
33 events 17 reviews

Had a wonderful evening ♥️♥️♥️ The MC/ and 1st comedian was funny as hell. The 2nd comedian was pretty cool but who I really came to see Chris Porter was straight up hilarious. Saw him a couple of years ago and always said whenever he comes back...continued

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Review from killajl
14 events 9 reviews

Very funny - Had me laughing the whole time. Would see him again.

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Daniel Baron
Review from Daniel Baron
13 events 7 reviews

Dude is funny. We were loving him. Non-stop laughter the entire show through, with not a single slow or awkward moment. A bit of young male obscene type remarks, but that's where he's coming from. I'd go see him again...

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Review from Jinxmebaby
10 events 7 reviews

He really is a funny guy. The early show apparently had an incident that led to the cops showing up and arresting someone. I think it made for an aggressive show for us. He was clearly annoyed. Despite that, he was hilarious. I guess I just...continued

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Benny Kong
Review from Benny Kong
11 events 7 reviews

This guy was always my favorite on the LCS. Even though the venue is a little small and outdated looking the show was still great...

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
19 events 5 reviews

Had a great time at the show! Very funny and entertaining. Staff was wonderful and attentive.

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Kira Laura Bricknell
Review from Kira Laura Bricknell
12 events 5 reviews

I have enjoyed his other recorded shows and I was looking forward to this so much. It was the Game 2 of the World Series and the show was under attended, but WOW, he was SO FUNNY! We laughed our heads off and he was the best we've seen him,...continued

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Jeralyn P.
Review from Jeralyn P.
8 events 4 reviews

My friends and I went to see the show and it was a great time and had lots of laughs!

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Review from shereen333
16 events 4 reviews

This was a very funny show, just what I needed. I've always heard good things about the Punchline club. The comedians were all great.

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Review from tei
10 events 3 reviews

A super fun evening of laughter and talent. In comedy nothing is sacred and all is fair game.
The drinks were $7-9, pretty standard bar prices, and not ridiculous for a show. The waitstaff were pretty on top of it and upbeat.
The hostess/mc was...continued

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Alexis Kollias Thiele
Review from Alexis Kollias Thiele
6 events 2 reviews

5 stars really doesn't do Chris Porter justice... Non-stop laughter! The guy is a genius of funny and we couldn't get enough of him! Got to meet him after the show and it turns out he is a stand-up guy... no pun intended. Can't wait to have him...continued

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Review from Tami
6 events 2 reviews

Chris and the other comics were truly hilarious. I love the intimacy of the Punch Line, and the staff were friendly and efficient.

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Alex Tesoro
Review from Alex Tesoro
6 events 2 reviews

Fantastic comedian!
No need to dress fancy at this venue.
There is a two drink minimum per person, but it doesn't have to be alcohol.
Recommend taking a lyft / uber / taxi service to the venue.

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Review from Kristy
11 events 2 reviews

Hilarous...was laughing the whole time.

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