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Review from Hllywd
Red Velvet 993 events 470 reviews

We loved Hal more than we expected. Funny, witty, smart comedy. Relevant and current. His Michael Jackson jokes were great. Very enjoyable. Hal is also very charming. The guy that was before him with the guitar was a hoot and did excellent...continued

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Bob S.
Review from Bob S.
Red Velvet 309 events 288 reviews

Wasn't familiar with Hal as a comedian so I thought I'd take a chance. Man, he was HILARIOUS! Not a dirty comic, just a terrific storyteller with high energy and funny observations. Very relatable! I'll watch for him from now on! Also on the bill,...continued

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Review from James
Red Velvet 195 events 145 reviews

Second half of his show was FANTASTIC... some slow spots in the first half.

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Jose R. Colon
Review from Jose R. Colon
Red Velvet 162 events 52 reviews

Very funny show, Hal and John were very funny. Enjoyed the meal.

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Randall Whitehead
Review from Randall Whitehead
Red Velvet 186 events 49 reviews

Hal Sparks is smart/funnny. He wants you to think while you are laughing. I was blown away by the stories he offered to the audience. He has had a strange and wonderful childhood which he revealves in a way where his descriptions paint a complete...continued

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Les Tift
Review from Les Tift
Red Velvet 87 events 49 reviews

We try to catch Hal Sparks whenever he's at Cobb's. He never disappoints. His mind is one of a kind.

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Review from Alex
Red Velvet 54 events 19 reviews

Hal was very original & really funny! The whole crowd was laughing from the first joke. Worth the time!

He is also really cool b/c he was by the front door to greet everyone as they were leaving + he was not hiding behind a table trying to...continued

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Patricia White
Review from Patricia White
Red Velvet 109 events 9 reviews

Very funny with a great charismatic personality.
I will definitely see him again!

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Bill Hendrix
Review from Bill Hendrix
Red Velvet 31 events 6 reviews

We have seen Hal Sparks several times over the years--always original, always funny. This performance was no exception.

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Review from adamthom
Red Velvet 42 events 2 reviews

So smart and a kind human being! Great job at covering a lot of topics and keeping it comfortable, relevant, edgy, and insanely smart! Great evening!

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
446 events 416 reviews

In a word: wow. Absolutely brilliant. Both Hal Sparks and John Fugelsang were energetic, intelligent, political, engaging, and smart storytellers - my kind of comedy. Yes, there was some manic silliness from both, but amid the sound effects and...continued

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Review from anonymous
231 events 146 reviews

Host Sandy was very fun as was Hal Sparks.
Laughed like crazy at their comedic skills.
Great service, good drinks - a fun casual place for comedy.

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Robert M.
Review from Robert M.
123 events 56 reviews

This was the best money I have spent in a long while. Hal Sparks was hysterical. Witty, fast-talking, relevant, just raunchy enough without being vulgar. He really connected with the audience and put on a great peformance.

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Michele Weitz
Review from Michele Weitz
135 events 50 reviews

This was my favorite Goldstar Event so far (and I've been to a lot!) Hal Sparks was rip-roaring funny; showcasing a personality that was the polar opposite of Michael Novotny, the character he plays on "Queer as Folk". Thanks, Goldstar, for...continued

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Arthur Wehl
Review from Arthur Wehl
122 events 37 reviews

He was really very, very funny. A talented guy. Looks a bit different with his long hair.

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Review from Dandu
42 events 34 reviews

Hilarious, witty and to date fun, he really hit it. I would go again in a heartbeat. Also enjoyed Mr. F ante Mr. S.

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Barry C. Lawrence
Review from Barry C. Lawrence
42 events 33 reviews

I knew Hal was good, but who knew he was THIS GOOD! he kept the audience in stitches! I'd see him again anytime and it was a great intro. to Cobbs Comedy Club.

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Sherina N. Criswell
Review from Sherina N. Criswell
47 events 32 reviews


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Tammy Aramian
Review from Tammy Aramian
51 events 32 reviews

Hal had lots of new material, all quality, and has honed his closing piece to absolute perfection. If I could have stayed for his second set I would have - that's how much I enjoy his work! He is an amazing master of his craft!

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Tammy Aramian
Review from Tammy Aramian
51 events 32 reviews

Hal's comedy is always top-notch, this is the 5th or 6th time I've seen him and his material is not only fresh, he delivers flawlessly. This set, he ended with a mind-shattering concept joke!

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