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Review from Alan
Red Velvet 339 events 155 reviews

The Punch Line is a well-organized club. It's nice that there's always free street parking pretty close. Bad traffic meant I got there a little late and was seated right up by the stage. Good service, adequate food and drinks. The three comics...continued

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Review from Ingenue
Red Velvet 191 events 67 reviews

Awesomely funny! I laughed so hard my sides were hurting. Jake is just one of the best comics around. He never disappoints.

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Don Guralnick
Review from Don Guralnick
289 events 86 reviews

Fantastic set by Jake. He always comes through with a great show. Lots of laughs. Nicely paced. Just an amazing performer.

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Sue T.
Review from Sue T.
99 events 76 reviews

I've seen Jake live before -- and I remember seeing him on "Letterman" back in the '80s. That career longevity is for a reason. Jake's a true pro and had the crowd in stitches with his rather gentle observational humor about current events and...continued

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Review from JeanMarie
140 events 32 reviews

My husband and I kept talking about the fun time we had with Comedian Jake Johannsen! His comedic approach regarding everyone being angry and in a hurry was hysterical.....and then to compare it to his two year old daughter with food all over her...continued

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Nailia Menne
Review from Nailia Menne
253 events 31 reviews

Hilarious and smart

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Len Abrams
Review from Len Abrams
80 events 15 reviews

Jake is always great!

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Ethel Toda
Review from Ethel Toda
40 events 14 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed Jake's performance. We can all relate to most of his funny jokes.

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Review from Patricia
130 events 13 reviews

I have been to hundred of comedy shows and this was by far one of the bests. The supporting comedians were amazing too. I had such a great time. If he is back in town, I would see him again.

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Review from Lana
73 events 10 reviews

I never seen anyone funnier that Jake; I had a stomach ache after the show and could not stop laughing through the whole show.
He is funny as hell!!!!!!!!
Highly recommended……….

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Lori Sherzer Snow
Review from Lori Sherzer Snow
17 events 7 reviews

We have been fans of Jake Johannsen for years. He never disappoints. Once again we found ourselves laughing out loud with tears in our eyes. I highly recommend seeing Jake whenever you have a chance.

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Review from nahmai
14 events 6 reviews

the opening comedian Nigel Lawrence was pretty funny and Jake Johannsen really hit the spot. he has great humor! and we all had a great time. My friend said she was embarrassed because i was laughing so loud, hahaha.

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A's Fan
Review from A's Fan
83 events 4 reviews

Great set. We've seen him every year or two for forever. And he always has new material. Not always true for other comedians.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 3 reviews

Absolutely hysterical...laughed so hard I cried. Loved the t-shirts for sale.

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Review from ssaw
7 events 3 reviews

I have been a fan of Jake's for years and at this show he did not disappoint. He included a bit about having a kid which was really funny.

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Review from sneaky
23 events 3 reviews

Jake has a great way of distilling the world around us into the simplest, most ridiculous, explanation. He's an intelligent comic and doesn't go for the cheap laughs - even the butt joke about his daughter is more high-brow than you'd think.

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Review from Goldy
6 events 3 reviews

Jake is an outstanding comedian. He weaves together humorous stories...presented like he is sitting in a room just with you talking about life. I love that I laugh so hard my sides hurt. Jake you are the best!

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Review from Tere
15 events 3 reviews

Marriage and child have brought a new energy and loads of new comic material to Johannsen - he was funnier last night than he was 4 years ago. Wonderful show.

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Review from Docktronic
9 events 3 reviews

Moshe Kasher was a terrific MC plus his act was hilarious; he is so funny and adorable. Love him! John Hoogasian is good, but should seriously consider rehab . . Jake Johannsen is at the top of his game his material was fresh and his voice and...continued

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Review from Chaz
8 events 3 reviews

Pure Jake. Pure fabulous gut busting and painful observation about the world around us :)

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