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harry dixon
Review from harry dixon
Red Velvet 109 events 39 reviews

Best one man show I have seen.

The warm up comic was also excellent.

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Benjamin Eye
Review from Benjamin Eye
Red Velvet 88 events 10 reviews

Says all the things you want to say, but wouldn't dare. Incredibly funny, but definitely makes the audience squirm. If you like watching people made to feel awkward, this is your man! Had a great time!

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
450 events 416 reviews

As long as you go to this event (or almost any other comedy show) expecting the outrageous and completely politically incorrect, you'll be fine. Scott Capurro was in his usual, hyper-kinetic, completely outrageous form: his comedy (and the opening...continued

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
450 events 416 reviews

I think Scott always gives a great show and this one was excellent, even with a lukewarm crowd. Come on, people: he's billed as "Controversial Comedian," so what do you expect? Once you get over the initial shock of some of his lines, you will be...continued

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Review from TheatreAddict
194 events 155 reviews

My partner and I chose this show because the comic was gay, so we thought it would be a refreshing change from the standard heterosexual male comic fare. Well it certainly was a change...and it made us miss the straight guys. Capurro's act is...continued

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Theatre Fan
Review from Theatre Fan
159 events 140 reviews

Scott gets a little mean, but that's his way and that's partly what we're paying for. I'm glad I wasn't one of his targets, though. Went a little long for my taste. I'd rather a show end leaving me wanting more. I got worn out. 5 stars for...continued

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Review from Vmedia
209 events 102 reviews

His over the edge gig..can offend most anyone - including his own gay community, yet he is sharp and fast with any audience. Scott is banned from many clubs - but always in prefect form here in his home town SF - and his special Pride shows for...continued

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Review from Vmedia
209 events 102 reviews

Scott is the best at making his fans squirm in their seats with edgy comedy topics - be ready for Blue at its best - and if you are not offended by his show -- then you are not fan of this comic queen - he is the best

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Don Guralnick
Review from Don Guralnick
296 events 86 reviews

Exceptionally witty and rapdifire jokes about whatever crosses his mind. Most of the material is for the open-minded laugh-needing audience. Non-stop laughter. Go, no run to see him.

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Review from Mark
134 events 70 reviews

Scott Capurro is certainly full of rude and crude, shredding everything available. Whatever you hold near and dear will be humorously dragged through the dirt. As he frequently says, "It's just jokes." Yes, nothing personal. It's what he does....continued

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Review from JST
107 events 41 reviews

Scott Capurro is a brilliant comedian, very much on the edge much like Lenny Bruce was. Having said that, there was such a prevalent streak of anger and, even worse, meanness toward members of the audience, that I was far too uncomfortable to...continued

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Ken Prag
Review from Ken Prag
93 events 20 reviews

We've been fans of Scott for over 20 years and were delighted to see that he is at the top of his game! He is absolutely brilliant and we're still buzzing about all the really good laughs we shared last night!
He's fantastic and we look...continued

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Troy Brunet
Review from Troy Brunet
56 events 12 reviews

I liked it alot. he was great with audience. funny as hell. go se him and enjoy

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Luana Ledward
Review from Luana Ledward
97 events 11 reviews

Scott was the very best. Everyone in the place was laughing so hard. Love love him!

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Review from Dennis
46 events 10 reviews

A little rauchy, racist, and very gay, but I had fun.

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Shelby Sabol Costello
Review from Shelby Sabol Costello
7 events 5 reviews

As everyone else has said, Scott Cappuro says scandalous and potentially offensive things. As long as you have a sense of humor and realize everyone else is laughing too, you'll enjoy yourself tremendously.

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Elaine Hosea
Review from Elaine Hosea
11 events 4 reviews

Great price on Goldstar, but the comedian was not funny. He spent his whole act going around the same topic (gay jokes). It would have been okay if his act was actually funny. He at one point dropped his pants and played with himself inside his...continued

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Review from jenna
26 events 4 reviews

He was fantastic!

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Review from jaycbird
9 events 4 reviews

Perhaps in this day of "2 Girls and A Cup" I might be jaded, but I LOVED the filthy mouthed little guy!!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
16 events 4 reviews

Scott is talented and sharp. The openers were also pretty good.

Good time had by all!

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