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Review from dnagirlone
6 events 3 reviews

Extremely funny. If you are easily offended don't go but if you like irreverent, laugh out loud funny then Scott is where it's at!

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Chance Kaleimakalii
Review from Chance Kaleimakalii
20 events 3 reviews

I'm still reeling from seeing comedian Scott Capurro at the Punch Line last night -- so funny, but so wrong! No one was spared -- Jewish/Catholic/Christian/Muslim, Gay/Heterosexual, Asian, Black, White/European, Mexican/South American, Arab/Middle...continued

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B. Marie
Review from B. Marie
53 events 3 reviews

I've seen Scott many times now. Every show is a just a revelation, providing for me a huge sigh of relief that such people, ideas and events are still extant in our increasingly insipid and formulaic world.

Yes, Scott is funny, very, very...continued

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Review from ram8
14 events 3 reviews

If you like 15 to 20 jokes promoting pedophilia, excrement deposited on heads of lovers stories, excrement deposited in mouth of partners vignettes, material much more "shock" than funny or even witty, you will enjoy this show. And if your idea of...continued

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Dee Dee
Review from Dee Dee
47 events 3 reviews

Let me warn you...Scott Capurro is not for the faint of heart! He picks on almost every group that exists in his show. If you are easily offended this is probably not the show for you. Heck...even if you aren't easily offended, some part of this...continued

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Review from Smcola
18 events 3 reviews

Scott was hilarious and definitely made some people squirm. The reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is the service at the punchline. It took 30 min to take our first drink order. Then the guys forgot my water twice, we asked for the "food" server...continued

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Review from laurab
5 events 2 reviews

Great show! Flashed my Goldstar confirmation email at the door and had not troubles at all. Great seats, good (not great) food, service good (not great), decent drinks. One caution on martinis and margaritas - in the fine print on the menu it...continued

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Review from Gofa
2 events 2 reviews

He is the new Lennie Bruce or Mort Saul---only much funnier. The revolutionary subtext running through his schtick is too honest, too spot on and ultiimately open, fast and free. I will make up a group of friends to go and see him next time he is...continued

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Review from RainDog
7 events 2 reviews

Scott is a very seasoned comedian with an demeanor on stage that easily lures you into the mine field of his dangerous mind. His audience interaction is hilarious and he will have you laughing so hard while simultaneously nursing the nose bleed...continued

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Review from kishmish007
1 event 1 review

His jokes were all about and only about dirty gay sex... if you normally "enjoy" listening to that then this would be an event for you!!

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Review from jimmyw
2 events 1 review

Great show. Scott's sharp, edgy, callipygous & nulliparous. If you can't take his heat, stay away. The rest of you, enjoy and try to keep up. _ Jim W

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Maria Sakata
Review from Maria Sakata
5 events 1 review

Scott Capurro is not for the faint of heart. But if you are a fan of comedy that makes you do a spit-take and go "Holy $#*@, I can't believe he just said that"; then this guy will keep a smile on your face, and will likely sexually harass you in...continued

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Nicole Matcha
Review from Nicole Matcha
16 events 1 review

Scott Capurro was in top form last night. It was Ultra-Capurro -- even more hilariously wrong than before! Marga Gomez as host was the tasty and unexpected icing on the cake. I may have to catch SC again before he hops back across the pond!

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Kari CA
Review from Kari CA
1 event 1 review

Scott has the kind of humour you are always more comfortable laughing with at home. (But laugh you will.) Be ready to be uncomfortable and if you don't want to be called out, don't sit in front.
I took a friend who didn't know about Scott at all...continued

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Dave Holmes-Kinsella
Review from Dave Holmes-Kinsella
9 events 1 review

Scott is very funny, but if you're like the bigoted self-confessed tourists from Illinois, don't come. You won't enjoy it and you'll ruin it for the rest of us.

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Karen Provenza
Review from Karen Provenza
1 event 1 review

Scott was amazing as always but the service at the Punchline was atrocious. He didn't get served our FIRST drink of the TWO drink minimum till 2/3 through his act. If we had stayed for our second drink, we would have had to have paid $50 to get...continued

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Review from Sarah
16 events 1 review

The show was a strange, sometimes uncomfortable, but highly enjoyable ride. I wouldn't expect anything less from him.

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Review from Jasmijn101
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Well, me and a bunch of my friends from work had been planning to hang out at Punchline for a bit of a laugh and a couple drinks. I happened to be the organizer of this going out thing. I picked Scott Cappurro randomly as I knew nothing about...continued

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