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Durst had good intimacy with the audience. It felt like a conversation with somebody's cool uncle. Great stuff. COuple of the lead up comics not so great but one was really good.

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We had the best laugh in years! Durst was wonderful!

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Donna I.
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Will Durst never disappoints ! He was side-splittingly funny, topical and political in only the way he can be. If you have a chance to catch this show, don't miss it!

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Chris Wade
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19 events 8 reviews

great venue

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Patrick Lewis
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I've been to a lot of comedy shows, but this was without a doubt the best night of comedy I've ever witnessed. Not only was Will Durst incredible as always, but Paul Provenza had us rolling on the floor w/laughter, and we also caught a great act...continued

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Kate Oh
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Will Durst rocks! it was my first time at Punch line and the venue is cozy and friendly. We had a great crowed also.

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Review from Savage
35 events 7 reviews

Just loved it!

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Mike Cohn
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Will Durst was solid, phony and made me belly laugh which something I rarely do. In fact, I think I laughed harder than I had in years.

The Punchline was quite nice as well and a better venue than the Comedy Club.

Will, to use a baseball...continued

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Kelly Baraka
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Will Durst is the funniest! Laughed almost continually through his entire show. He's always perceptive, insightful and witty. His material is timely and pertinent-makes you think and laugh at the same time. I highly recommend catching his show any...continued

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Review from Turtledove8
13 events 6 reviews

Awesome venue, great comedians, Will at top form, also Maureen Langan was really funny. Actually liked her better than Will, laughed a lot and really enjoyed the show. Highly recommend

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Joel B. Sokolsky
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16 events 6 reviews

He's the funniest comedian in the Bay Area and he was totally "ON" for this performance.

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The openers were very weak. Will Durst made up for it though! He was wonderful. Always shines. This was our first time going to the Punchline and it was a great experience. The cheesecake was not good.

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Elena Neustadt
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19 events 6 reviews

Will is an amazing comedian! Always funny and always has a human almost intimate connection with his audience. He is just way smarter than any comedian out there. Always a pleasure, my cheeks were hurting from laughing so much.
Thank you Sir!

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First, the venue. Punchline is a great place to catch comedy...smallish club, but (for a change) the seats/tables aren't piled on top of one another. Drink prices are reasonable and the staff is awesome...friendly and quick.
Now, the crowd. ...continued

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Review from C.J.
29 events 5 reviews

great show!

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Review from Pamela
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We've seen Will Durst several time and he's always great. Jamie Kilstein was fabulous too. We'll be keeping en eye out for him in the future.

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Thomas A Landis
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12 events 5 reviews

Will Durst has an amazing ability to come up with amazingly imaginative and target-obliterating metaphors that are hilarious. His references are detailed and informed; he's teaching comedy history lessons (This is a good thing!!!). And his...continued

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Review from Pamela
20 events 5 reviews

Will is always great and once again didn't disappoint. He's smart & witty and always on top of the latest news. One of the very best political comedians.

The opening act was weak and the middle act (Jeff Kreisler) was pretty good.

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Teresa R. Roberts
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Durst is smart and funny (the only person who can make me laugh about our government). Always a good time!

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Nancy S
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Exceptional evening of comedy -- both Will Durst and Jeff Kreisler were very entertaining and professional.

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