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Married Gays
Review from Married Gays
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Dennis Roberts
Review from Dennis Roberts
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First the two actors were brilliant, absolutely brilliant and perfect for their roles. It is such an interesting story with so many twists and turns and each moment takes you in another direction. The theater management is lovely - we were...continued

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Review from Chatwilk
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This show is a real pleaser! The acting is incredible, great writing, and so well plotted that you will want to know how it ends so bad!
Don't miss it, a fun night out :-)

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Emanuel J.
Review from Emanuel J.
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What can I say, not one of the worst I have ever seen, but pretty much a C+ mostly for the poor actors that had to work with this bad script.

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James Warren
Review from James Warren
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Fun little "black box" type theater experience. You're literally in the living room with the actors, who give it their all. This is not a spoiler alert, but the play is a little like "Misery," although here the Cathy Bates character is the one...continued

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Victoria H.
Review from Victoria H.
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This was a delightful and original experience. The first clue that it would be good was the extremely clever and resourceful set positioned in a corner of the room. It used an eye-pleasing dance of matching colors throughout the set, a kind of...continued

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Janis C.
Review from Janis C.
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Amazing script; very creative. Actors had wonderful depth. Very fast paced. When I looked around at the rest of the audience, everyone seemed engaged. One hour and twenty minutes of fun and intrigue.

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Review from desertdiver
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The "theater" is actually a conference room of a hotel - very sub-optimal for a theater experience. I walked in and thought: WTF?? There are 2 theater lights that light up one part of the room. That's it.

That said, this 2 person play was...continued

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chris okon
Review from chris okon
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This play presents well done performances in a compact "pop up" theater space. My only challenge was seeing the faces of the actors from my seat in the rear row.

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Elizabeth Walsh
Review from Elizabeth Walsh
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What a shock...I was not exprecting anything as good as this is. The story grows and grows, the acting just gets better and better as you are drawn into the plot. A serious plotline written and acted in a very comedic manner. Diana makes the...continued

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Serge Martial
Review from Serge Martial
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It is rare to have such live theater experience where you are so close (physically & emotionally) to the actors and the play that you can become one with the show, wondering at times if you are watching a show or simply witnessing a reality in...continued

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Review from kgeorge
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crazy funny at times, suspenseful at others - thoroughly entertaining

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Review from sf44
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The acting was good and the subject matter was interesting and at times amusing. The play was a little repetitious. I enjoyed it.

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Review from Carol
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What a great experience. The venue is small and cozy. The play is a comedy noir with a tight engaging dialogue. The actors are wonderfully cast in their roles. This is a truly entertaining afternoon/evening event. Go see it!

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Review from garne2t
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Very entertaining and impressive show.

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Close Harmony
Review from Close Harmony
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Go see this play! The tightly-written plot unfolds gradually and so it's very satisfying to "solve" the puzzle along with the characters. It's also supremely well-acted: like watching Kathy Bates and Robert DeNiro in a cat-and-mouse game. The...continued

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Review from SJH
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Good actors - poor story it was suppose to be a thriller but it wasn't very thrilling.

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Jessica Hurwitz
Review from Jessica Hurwitz
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Worththe goldstar price. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Only two people in the show, one of them is very good, the other is ok. The venue is a conference room in a hotel with a set built into it. The lack of stadium seating makes it tough to see from...continued

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Paul Svedersky
Review from Paul Svedersky
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Mindbending thriller executed brilliantly. These two talented actors keep you thoroughly engaged with intrigue and humor. And what's not to like about free cookies and wine? A fun night out.

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Review from attylozano
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Wonderful show. Pitch perfect acting. The actors were excellent. Great dialogue. Totally engaging.

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