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Linda Hennessey
Review from Linda Hennessey
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Wonderful fun and acting. Kind of confused after but this is okay. If I had realized the questions I had immediately, I could have asked them since they greeted us afterwards. Yes, I would recommend it for a fun night. The acting alone is so...continued

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Review from Susan
41 events 17 reviews

We are big fans of Audrey Esterlis so I think we would like anything he appears in. This was an interesting story that took many unexpected turns.

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Review from char
26 events 16 reviews

A very professional performance in a very comfortable setting. I had no idea what to expect and found myself pleasantly surprised . A very original play and very professional actors. I loved this idea of doing plays in small venues.

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Review from Raconteur
28 events 15 reviews

I had a good time. Tucked into a cozy, conveniently located hotel, this inventive theatre company has transformed a meeting room into a comfortable little theatre. The play two character mystery holds your interest and you could tell the well...continued

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Mary Dowdell
Review from Mary Dowdell
36 events 15 reviews

I really enjoyed the whole experience of seeing Dead Certain - it was a very cozy venue in the Hotel & we were offered free wine and cookies. It's a very intimate setting and you feel very involved in the play - there's only two characters and...continued

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Bridgett Brown
Review from Bridgett Brown
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It was Suspense all the way through the play & funny in a sick sort of way

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Aaron Hoffmeyer
Review from Aaron Hoffmeyer
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The free wine was great but the show was a bit long and the seating arrangement makes it hard to see unless you're in the very front.

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Review from C.Perk
37 events 14 reviews

Initially I felt a little awkward in the setting. It was a small theater with two rows of seats, and the 14 audience members sat 10 feet from the 2 actors. Both actors were fabulous, however, and I walked away amazed by how I quickly became...continued

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Sheryl Fraser
Review from Sheryl Fraser
28 events 14 reviews

It was just Ok.

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Review from glenziebear
72 events 14 reviews

The acting was top notch! And despite being billed as a psychological thriller, it was also very humorous as well!

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Review from Vicki
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The setting in the hotel was great and the actors were excellent, but the play was probably the worst thing I have sat through in ten years. The dialogue was without wit, the plot pointless, and the hour and a half interminable..

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Review from Barbara
32 events 13 reviews

Don't waste your time or money.

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Review from James
47 events 13 reviews

The audience and stage is very very close together. It was an interesting and unusual theatrical experience and worth it for the Goldstar pricing.

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Deb Cardenas
Review from Deb Cardenas
53 events 13 reviews

The show was fabulous!
The acting superb, the venue charming.
The value extraordinary

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Review from Vincent
23 events 12 reviews

excellent acting, fast-moving dialogue, very tiny theatre, complementary red and white wine

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Jim Negri
Review from Jim Negri
55 events 12 reviews

This is a very intriguing play and keeps you riveted in your seat as it unfolds. The actors are excellent and I lost myself in their characters. A nice touch at the theater was the offer of wine and cookies as you waited for the doors to open. ...continued

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Diana Brown
Review from Diana Brown
14 events 11 reviews

Incredible!!! This show is the one to catch. The intimate Union Square venue gives you a rare opportunity to see Broadway caliber acting in a small theater environment.

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Review from bob
18 events 11 reviews

It's the somewhat new "pop up"
theater....It's a small intimate venue,(which we like) and the play really worked....It was a very interesting thriller!

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Review from Miscue
24 events 11 reviews

What an outstanding performance! And a great idea : Pop Up Theater ( using a hotel conference room with easy conversion). This is running now through July!! Go!

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Marijke Hartog
Review from Marijke Hartog
72 events 11 reviews

Wow, what a tour the force! Wonderful performance by both actors.
Set in a back room of The Cartwright Hotel, Expression Productions created a great venue. Go see this!

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