Dead certain 102312
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Joshua Lehmer
Review from Joshua Lehmer
13 events 10 reviews

The acting was great, but both I and my guest couldn't connect with the performance. Maybe I was distracted. Felt like it took too long to move through the plot to the conclusion.

The free wine and cookies were superb, though!

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localman 2014
Review from localman 2014
26 events 10 reviews

The theater couldn't have been any smaller which gave a bird's eye view of the play and the wonderful acting. Very well done.

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Donna I.
Review from Donna I.
19 events 9 reviews

A very small and intimate venue, the actors are intense and excellent! An edge-of-your seat thriller that days later is still with me!

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Brad Straw
Review from Brad Straw
33 events 9 reviews

Engaged and high energy performances in an intimate space make for a great evening of theatre.

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Review from Greggy
25 events 9 reviews

Great show!! We went Saturday afternoon, and it was fantastic! Cozy setting, free wine and cookies, and very entertaining acting by Michael and Elizabeth! We took pictures with the actors after the show! They were so friendly!! What a great...continued

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Eu We
Review from Eu We
29 events 9 reviews

It was in a very intimate setting. the actors were extraordinary and the venue was quaint.

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Myra Hernandez
Review from Myra Hernandez
19 events 8 reviews

Lame. I give it 3 stars because the two actors worked so hard and were sweating. But the story was boring.

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Tom F.
Review from Tom F.
25 events 8 reviews

Talk about an intimate venue - this was it. We could see the beads of sweat on the brow of actor Andrey Esterlis. It is a fun, dark thriller, with lots of comedic elements. I would definitely recommend it.

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Review from maryebaker
40 events 8 reviews

This 2 person play was set in a small room -- actors were very close to the audience. It was so different from any other theater experience. Lots of fun -- good acting -- wine and cookies provided. We had a great time.

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Review from DJ
18 events 8 reviews

Very clever, and engrossing. While you may pick up early (as I did) the general plot, there are still a few little twists and turns to keep you interested. There's no intermission, and the play runs about an hour and twenty minutes....continued

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Review from Hellomrzebra415
41 events 8 reviews

Very small venue. Great play. Free Wine!

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carol michely
Review from carol michely
20 events 8 reviews

Very small theater, interesting set, talented actors. Excellent customer service provided--staff very friendly, and complimentary wine/cookies offered pre-show.

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Bob Cornell
Review from Bob Cornell
52 events 7 reviews

Dead Certain was a suspensful, tense experience. The actors were brilliant and engaging. Altogether a very enjoyable theatrical experience. Gail

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Glenda King
Review from Glenda King
34 events 7 reviews

Great show. I enjoyed it very much. It was full of suspense - yet very funny at times. I definitely did not predict the end and could not wait to see how things would turn out. It was great! I loved the ambiance of the Cartwright Hotel. The...continued

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Review from KKBags23
33 events 7 reviews

I did not attend, but my guests relate:
THe writing and acting was great, although she didn't appreciate the loud gunshots...
THe was difficult to maneuver to the bathroom during the just sat far away on her return, not to...continued

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Review from Laurie
12 events 7 reviews

It was good - though I did get a little weary of it just being the two voices the entire time. Also, it was a little frantic for my taste - but that is just personal preference....the actual acting and everything was very well done.

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Review from Dee
14 events 7 reviews

Quick pace... kept my attention. I saw the one in SF . great acting!!

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Review from Savage
35 events 7 reviews

This was a really enjoyable thriller with interesting conundrums and plot twists. It's in a hotel conference room that has been transformed and it means there isn't a bad seat in the house.

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Review from li
85 events 6 reviews

brilliant actors, in a smart and gripping thriller.

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Review from Michelle
16 events 6 reviews

Intriguing from the get go, I thoroughly enjoyed the 80 minutes of action and intense dialogue in this well-acted thriller. Brought husband and two teen daughters who also found it exciting and well done. There was a touch of a lull in somewhere...continued

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