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Marie Osborne
Review from Marie Osborne
28 events 6 reviews

It was a great experience, the actors were excellent!

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Randy Weled
Review from Randy Weled
24 events 6 reviews

It was well acted, very quick. It moved so fast that I couldn't think of anything else. Definitely go see it!

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Review from Jacob
6 events 6 reviews

Superb is the right word here! Very, very entertaining, thoughtful, fun and what an interesting terrific venue. Excellent. Thank you!

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Jeremy Perdue
Review from Jeremy Perdue
40 events 6 reviews

The venue arrangement of Dead Certain really takes you out of the audience and places you just feet away from the actors as the story unfolds. The thrilling story is smooth and does not leave any loose ends.

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Review from MB
30 events 6 reviews

This play was really a lot of fun. Interesting, intriguing and well played. I definitely would suggest this to anyone that enjoys going to theater. A very small intimate theater and you even received a glass of wine and a cookie! The only...continued

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Review from Mercedes
17 events 6 reviews

This show involves set-up and break-down of the whole set every weekend. It takes place in Hotel Cartwright's events room. The play itself is a suspenseful story but the acting and design made it a fun night.

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Heather Corden
Review from Heather Corden
80 events 6 reviews

was enthralled, captivating story and excellent performance. Highly recommend theatre fans to go check it out.

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Elise Everett
Review from Elise Everett
52 events 5 reviews

A great thriller well done! Fun to find a pop-up theater in a cute hotel near Union Square. Lots to recommend experiencing this play while you can.

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Anna Ewins
Review from Anna Ewins
52 events 5 reviews

Exciting, full of tension, with wonderfully ambiguous ending. Great acting.

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Review from Lynn
8 events 5 reviews

I loved this show! I wanted something to do on a Sunday afternoon and found this show was playing at a really lovley hotel on Union Square, so I bought a ticket. The box office person greeted me with a warm welcome then said I could help my self...continued

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Review from billco
37 events 5 reviews

This play is delightful surprise for the audience. Theater is by its nature a interaction between audience and players and in this case made more so by the venue which is a small, intimate space making the experience that much more personal....continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 5 reviews

This was a terrific show in an intimate setting. There was plenty of intrigue and clever twists and turns and the two actors were terrific. Don't miss this one.

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Tiffany L.
Review from Tiffany L.
22 events 4 reviews

Acting: Superb
Venue: Very cute boutique hotel. Wine and cookie were a nice touch.
Plot/Script: (IMHO was) medicore

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Review from wjeeb
11 events 4 reviews

Expression Productions does it again with another fantastic presentation of Marcus Llyod's wry, twisted script. Their "pop-up theater" space at the Cartwright Hotel is the perfect intimate setting for the show. Diana Brown and Andrey Esterlis...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
11 events 4 reviews

Free wine and cookies before were nice. The show was clever, layered. We had a small group so getting to chat with the actors after was icing on the cake. I highly recommend.

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Perlita Ramos Mosier
Review from Perlita Ramos Mosier
12 events 4 reviews

Granted I don't go to plays very often, but since this one had great reviews, I thought I would try it. Disappointed, I think my expectations were too high.

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George Zimmerman
Review from George Zimmerman
9 events 4 reviews

Liked it. Female lead actor was excellent. Interesting presentation.

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Bettye Brill
Review from Bettye Brill
8 events 4 reviews

What a surprising, terrific evening. We LOVED it. The intimate venue enhanced the experience. We literally were in the living room as this drama unfurled. The actors were just superb. I can't help but think that acting in such close quarters with...continued

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Review from jrtietz
19 events 3 reviews

Amazing acting, considering only 2 actors in play. Set was a little too basic, but the intense and gripping plot more than made up for this. Definitely a production not to miss!

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Review from Nico
11 events 3 reviews

An intriguing script and an excellent portrayal by the lead actress was COMPLETELY derailed by the unspeakably terrible, worse-than-amateurish performance by the male lead (who's also the director). A sadly missed opportunity in a really welcoming...continued

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