Dead certain 102312
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Review from Paola
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Suspenseful till the end, precise acting, interesting venue. Maybe 10 minutes too long and a little muddled toward the end, but all in all a great show.

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Joyce Quinn
Review from Joyce Quinn
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This play was terrific! It was a roller coaster ride where I had no idea if and when the big drop was coming! There were a wonderful mixture of funny and serious dialogue. The actors were perfectly cast, and their pacing was spot on. I was riveted!

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Review from Erica
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This was a VERY intimate performance. 10 seats in the audience, one row of chairs, inches from the stage. It was a little awkward at first being so close and so intimate, but you lose yourself after awhile. The story and acting was very good --...continued

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Review from Jay
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We loved it--an intimate space, with a fast-paced, witty script and great acting. We're going to be looking for their shows in the future.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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A taut thriller with lots of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Great cast who performed with high energy and emotion.

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Review from Greg
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Absolutely excellent. Fantastic timing and great overall execution. Thank you very much for such a terrific time !!!

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john star
Review from john star
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An excellent thriller but more importantly wonderfully acted! We visit theatre productions often and this one was well worth our time. Especially liked the free wine and cookies.

John Star

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Excellent performances in most interesting and entertaining thriller. Intimate setting, wine and cookies freely served preshow, chance to meet two person cast after show. Nice evening.

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Review from jbruels
6 events 1 review

Fantastic! From the way they used the space, the actors, and story - it was all just fantastic. I found myself completely involved in the story, sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what would come next. What a Great experience! Go and see...continued

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Lester Bornheim
Review from Lester Bornheim
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Great theater of a play within a play with excellent writing and acting. Small venue was definitely a plus and despite some extracurricular audience activities, the true professionalism of the actors prevailed. Definitely worth your time.

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Review from cheryl
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I am recommending this play to all of my friends. The only thing you are dead certain about is that you are not dead certain about anything!

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Review from Goldstar Member
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I had free time last Saturday night; nothing to do and no one to do something with. Searched for events on the web and saw this play listed. By the time I decided to go, there was only one seat left. Destiny intended for this last seat to be...continued

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Review from Hailey
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I was on the edge of my seat, as were those all around me!!! Fantastic acting, brilliant staging and what a script!!! I will follow this company's work. Expression Productions, I am a fan!! The "Pop-Up" Theater experience is incredible. It's...continued

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Pearline Chang
Review from Pearline Chang
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It was a wonderful experience! I loved the twisted story.

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pragya anand
Review from pragya anand
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It was brilliant! Very well played out. The actors did a phenomenal job. After a long time i saw play so riveting.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Loved it !! It was great. Intimate, entertaining and greatly timed. My friend suggested it and I am truly thankful.

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Review from Nob.L
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really strong. interesting setting, very involving.

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Review from Lena
18 events 1 review

Skillfully acted, intriguing plot, captivating dialog. Must see!

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Michael Cai
Review from Michael Cai
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Such a fun show, I was engaged and my heart was racing the whole time. Don't miss the chance to see this show! You'll be glad you did.

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Review from Heather
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Such a fun night! This play was entertaining and exciting the whole way through. We got to meet the actors following the performance and they were so great! Go see this one while you can, its worth it!

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