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Review from Hllywd
Red Velvet 997 events 469 reviews

My friend and I certainly enjoyed this yet we wanted to love it based on all of the reviews. He is certainly very talented and energetic. He keeps you engaged the entire time with the pace and different characters. I guess we were expecting it...continued

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Rodney Anderson
Review from Rodney Anderson
Red Velvet 455 events 335 reviews

Very funny and heartfelt. At first you think since Don's dad was a pimp, it would be very sordid but I left feeling his dad really loved him. I felt his dad knew Don could raise above and was going to make sure he did. Very enjoyable.

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Jerry Davis
Review from Jerry Davis
Red Velvet 389 events 217 reviews

Obviously a lot of work went into this life story. However 100 minutes without an intermission is stretching it. At times (sorry) it was a drag. The moral at the end was alsmost worth waiting for but not quite. I did'nt enjoy every minute of...continued

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Review from bk
Red Velvet 240 events 163 reviews

A skilled performer, but the show needs to be cut by about 20 minutes. It's a little slow starting, but it finishes well. Plus it's a fascinating look at a childhood spent under two competing influences.

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F. E.
Review from F. E.
Red Velvet 215 events 132 reviews

I absolutely loved it! It was moving, touching, hilarious (haven't laughed that hard in a long time). don is extremely talented and has put together a real slice of life with so much heart. I highly reccommend it.

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F. E.
Review from F. E.
Red Velvet 215 events 132 reviews

This was the second time attending this event. I had to come back with other friends it was that good. Don is an extraordinary performer who makes you laugh and cry. I was amazed at how much I laughed even the second time and how deeply moved I...continued

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Review from Ingenue
Red Velvet 191 events 67 reviews

This guy is a brilliant performer. I loved how he highlighted moments of his childhood with classic funk of the 70s; the music I grew up with as a child in Oakland. His characterizations of members of his family were hilarious!

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Randall Whitehead
Review from Randall Whitehead
Red Velvet 185 events 49 reviews

This is a fantastic show. Funny, glorious and moving.

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Review from Roadrunner
Red Velvet 301 events 36 reviews

Don Reed is simply the best.
I brought friends visiting from Scotland, and several other "first timers", and we all agree: don't miss this show!

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Review from Gabe
Red Velvet 72 events 28 reviews

Excellent show! Don's love for his family and his hometown permeates the shows script and well-drawn characters. I found the show to be both funny and heartwarming. I've already recommended it to several friends and family members!

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Deb Narasaki
Review from Deb Narasaki
Red Velvet 44 events 28 reviews

I loved the show, performer was great, set simple. Grew up in the streets of Richmond and visited Oakland often and knew of the references that he made.

Very intimate seating, around 100 seats, some plush auditorium style and some metal...continued

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Review from oneabogado
Red Velvet 54 events 16 reviews

Best show I've seen all year. Really. I will go again. He is FUNNY, real, great music, engaging. I laughed so hard, this show wiped away a stressful week! I laughed so hard, my FACE hurt!

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Review from Outandabout
Red Velvet 87 events 14 reviews

This show is fantastic! In the top three of shows we've seen at the Marsh. Moving to Berkeley Marsh next. Funny, poignant, thoughtful. Not to be missed.

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Kenyon Brown
Review from Kenyon Brown
659 events 377 reviews

Funny, surprising, energetic.

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Ken in Kensington
Review from Ken in Kensington
288 events 187 reviews

This is a "must see" performancet. The Marsh has a new star in its firmament to add to the likes of Margo Gomez, Charlie Varon, Josh Kornbluth, Dan Hoyle and Rick Reynolds who either created new works there or got a career boost up. ...continued

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Theatre Fan
Review from Theatre Fan
159 events 140 reviews

If half stars were an option, I would have given this show 3.5 but would rather round up than down based on the fabulous performance. Great energy, characterizations and blocking. My issue is with the script. The writing could be tighter and...continued

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Linda Zimmerman
Review from Linda Zimmerman
239 events 131 reviews

Don Reed is a master of physical comedy with a "rubber face" not unlike Jim Carey. He brings multiple characters to life as he relates a story about his early life on E. 14th St. and brings his story to a poignant conclusion sharing some...continued

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Allen Wagner.
Review from Allen Wagner.
171 events 76 reviews

Every life has its story, responsibly chosen or not; and each is poignant unto itself. What makes Don Reed's story-telling worth attending is the humanity with which he displays the effect and affect relation between the person and his/her...continued

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Mr. Z
Review from Mr. Z
498 events 68 reviews

You can't get this stuff on TV.

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Review from Lisa
76 events 53 reviews

Well done one man performance. Interesting and unusual content, well-performed.

The Marsh is a small venue, so for good seats, arrive early.

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