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Review from Hllywd
Red Velvet 991 events 470 reviews

I thought that she did an excellent job with her energy level and keeping us engaged. There was a lot of smart humor and a few poignant moments. I enjoyed listening to her story and I will remember some of the lines and "issues" she went...continued

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Vicky Gou
Review from Vicky Gou
Red Velvet 105 events 36 reviews

This is a lengthy show, and I appreciate how much Alicia works for it... but I found only bits of it funny. Perhaps I just had a hard time relating to her "search." Maybe I would have felt differently had I known what the chants meant... I don't...continued

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Lenny Kay Hanson
Review from Lenny Kay Hanson
109 events 69 reviews

Energetic, warm, reminded me of my travels; she is charming, funny and lovable.

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Andrea Laudate
Review from Andrea Laudate
98 events 50 reviews

I enjoyed the show. Polling the audience for laughter was a bit old. I had read the book and also have gone to India so a lot of what she was talking about hit home. I had lots of smiles and a number of really good laughs.

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Susan Dunn
Review from Susan Dunn
111 events 41 reviews

I liked the show and had a lot of belly laughs. Alicia is a talented performer and gives her all in this performance. I would recommend it for those who are looking for a light fun show about different cultures - like Jewish and Indian, and...continued

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Review from Pritch
116 events 23 reviews

I'd give this a 3.5 star rating, and I am a very tough reviewer. I took two women, one an avid fan of "Eat, Pray, Love", and the other determined to spend a year in India, and both loved it. Alicia puts herself out there and describes the good,...continued

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Review from Ira
113 events 19 reviews

Tone down and shorten or lose the warm up chants .They were too loud and long.
We would have preferred a more meditative chant. Also, the mention of the Chabad jews was brief and we would have liked to know more about them and Alicia;s...continued

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Karen Winkleman-Furman
Review from Karen Winkleman-Furman
80 events 16 reviews

It was a wonderful fun performance. Alcia is a terrific physical comic working her face and body to illuminate what she was saying.
The chanting was a surprise. Definitely could have been advertised and a little shorter. All in all , it wad a...continued

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Andrea K.
Review from Andrea K.
25 events 12 reviews

Alicia was absolutely AWESOME! Saw her show last night and my facial muscles are still contracted :D they kind of hurt too by the end of the show... it was just a WONDERFUL time, around a bright, witty, cool girl (the great vibe of the audience...continued

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Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh
Review from Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh
19 events 12 reviews

I enjoyed it she is funny, her gestures & imitations were good but it was a little too long. The mantra's at the beginning of the show went on, on, on........ I went for comedy nice touch of chai & sweets

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Lesly Ehrman
Review from Lesly Ehrman
38 events 12 reviews

Very funny and poignant. Enjoyed the chanting prior to the event. She was great at acting out all of the different people and engaging the audience.

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carole deitrich
Review from carole deitrich
40 events 11 reviews

Alicia is a very funny stand up and calls on here experiences in India and in life, trying to find herself. She was great, i am surprised i never heard of her before.

The problem was and i don't know if Alicia had anything to do with this, is...continued

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Review from lucylu
74 events 11 reviews

Alicia's performance was excellent! Definitely a fun "girls night out" event. We had a chatty audience member which is VERY distracting and rude, but Alicia even worked that into the performance and got her to quiet down for a bit!

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Review from Musiccat
52 events 10 reviews

I have been to India twice and could definitely identify with many of the hilarious encounters Alicia had along the way but I also think anyone could identify with parts of this universal search for meaning and purpose. Kudos to Alicia for...continued

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Review from JZ
24 events 10 reviews

This was not nearly as funny as several reviewers made it out to be. I had high expectations based on all the glowing reviews. In the end, I got a few chuckles out of it, but I enjoyed the complimentary chai and sweets more than the show itself....continued

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Paul Schneider
Review from Paul Schneider
13 events 8 reviews

Amusing yes, but she's just not that funny. The Sanskrit kirtan chanting led by Mirabai went on too long (30 minutes) at the beginning.

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Andrea Brownstein
Review from Andrea Brownstein
37 events 8 reviews

This was a great show. I think being either Jewish or Indian added to the laughs.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
18 events 8 reviews

Very funny and insightful. Great impersonations. I laughed alot.

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Ursula K.
Review from Ursula K.
52 events 5 reviews

Fabulous. A lot of fun and laughs. You don't want to miss this one.

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diana willow
Review from diana willow
8 events 5 reviews

I saw this play last night and totally recommend going to see it, non-stop laughs! I am still giggling over some of the gems e.g. "per my parents influence (they're: Jewish...Dad, atheist Mom), I wanted to meet a doctor who was good enough for me...continued

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