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Review from fiona
38 events 5 reviews

Outstanding walking tour. The emperor is a great story teller, nicely organized material and kept our interest for 2.5 hours.

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Julien Nitzberg
Review from Julien Nitzberg
43 events 4 reviews

A great tour. I took friends from the Bay Area and they were astounded how much they learned. And the walk was also a good work out! I can't wait till I can try another of the Emperor's tours!

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Review from stopshop
22 events 4 reviews

Emperor Norton hosts a fascinating (and, at nearly 3 hours, long) journey into San Francisco's past. The Emperor is chock full of stories and anecdotes about the city's eccentric, rambunctious history as he guides around us downtown SF, and is...continued

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Alan Gentinne
Review from Alan Gentinne
8 events 4 reviews

Emperor Norton was definately well worth the time and money spent! My wife and I have visited SF many times, and were just looking for something different! The tour was easy walking, and filled with interesting tidbits on a variety of historic...continued

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Elaine Yastishock
Review from Elaine Yastishock
13 events 4 reviews

Emperor Norton is an excellent historian, teacher, and guide--funny, colorful, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable. We've been on many tours and we definitely learned things we didn't know on this one. Well worth it! And he said there's a...continued

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Pat Murphy
Review from Pat Murphy
14 events 4 reviews

Excellent time. Lived here for 40 years and still heard new and amazing things about my adopted home. Thanks, Emperor!

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Review from AlienCabbages
31 events 4 reviews

Fabulous tour - one of the best. Even locals learn a lot and Emperor Norton makes it great fun!

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Review from Click
10 events 4 reviews

The Emperor was charming and knowledgeable, and conducted his tour with great care and obvious pre-planning. We like the way he interacted with shopkeepers, tour bus drivers, and others along the route of his tour. Definitely a must suggestion...continued

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Review from AlienCabbages
31 events 4 reviews

This tour was outstanding. I have lived in the Bay Area since 1997 and I learned a lot of fascinating history and facts from this inimitable and knowledgeable guide masquerading as the lovable visionary Emperor Norton. My out of town guests...continued

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Review from Imagenie
23 events 4 reviews

This was a fascinating tour highlighting the history of San Francisco, while pointing out the buildings and bringing the characters and events from the past to life. I am from the Bay Area, and I learned a lot about the city and life as it was...continued

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Helen Rudolf Wagner
Review from Helen Rudolf Wagner
20 events 4 reviews

Very informative and entertaining. I highly recommend this walking tour.

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Review from Jaclyn
21 events 3 reviews

Awesome! Everyone should tour with him. It's both entertaining and educational.

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Christine Morrison
Review from Christine Morrison
14 events 3 reviews

Had a great time learning the history of buildings I pass every time I am in the city. Informative and fun.

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Review from Rmallon2
8 events 3 reviews

I love California history. Emperor Norton made his era in San Francisco come alive. I found out many special details.

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Tammy Sharp-Mcclelland
Review from Tammy Sharp-Mcclelland
6 events 3 reviews

What a great attraction. We went as a family, including a fourteen year old boy, who admitted at the end that it was pretty cool. There are places on the tour that we would have never gone to on our own. Bring your camera as there are some great...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 2 reviews

A most enjoyable time with a talented actor who made it all come to life.

Mary Hammond

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Review from GloriaReid
31 events 2 reviews

Excellent, entertaining tour of San Francisco. I expected an hour or hour and a half and got three hours. Highly recommend it.

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Review from Gina
23 events 2 reviews

I didn’t know what to expect from this walking tour as I’ve lived in SF for 22-years. It was very informative and educational! We stopped at sites and buildings I’ve walked past many times and did not know the history behind these places. I...continued

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Samuel Roland
Review from Samuel Roland
29 events 2 reviews

The Emperor was extraordinary. His knowledge and presentation style was superb and not only the most comprehensive and interesting tour I've taken in my entire life but also pointed out aspects of which my companion, an experienced SF historian...continued

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Sara Magnuson
Review from Sara Magnuson
13 events 2 reviews

The history is great, the tour stops are unusual and interesting, fellow tour guests were wonderful. My group was expecting a two-hour tour, but it clocked in at a little over three hours. That was a little too long and kind of spoiled other plans...continued

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