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Review from Jeff
Red Velvet 23 events 5 reviews

I enjoyed the cruise. We crossed under the Golden Gate Bridge, went around Alcatraz Island and then under the Oakland Bay Bridge. It was easy to hear the guide tour recording. Lots of interesting history.

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Review from Kenneth M Burnet
Red Velvet 35 events 3 reviews

the boat is dirty and rundown, hard to hear the commentary. Nothing special except a boat cruise. Ticket seller told us we can get in line but after purchasing specific time tickets on-line we were told they could not guarantee we would get on...continued

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Review from Tina
Red Velvet 27 events 2 reviews

The ride was pleasant, the weather and bay beautiful, and the narrative informative. Bring a hat to shade from the sun, and layered clothing in case it gets cold.

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Review from Claire Risley
532 events 267 reviews

Absolutely delightful! Wonderful boat, beautiful day, and good narrative about history of Bay and environs. Nice people to talk to, and safe and peaceful tour.

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Review from Becky
42 events 38 reviews

So cold so make sure you have coat, even better if it has a hoodie! Fun casual day out with a friend

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Review from Becky
42 events 38 reviews

These boats always seem a little sticky to me, meaning handrails and walls, but it's okay. Bathroom is a little gross because it doesnt seem you can flush. Anyway, you're given actually what feels like a lot of time on the boat. It starts off...continued

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Review from Daniel Christopher Saldana
43 events 20 reviews

I kind of felt like this was the SAME thing as the Bay Adventure Cruise. Except you get to go around Alcatraz once more. The narration was all the same, they just gave a LITTLE BIT more information than the Bay Adventure Cruise. I thought this was...continued

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Review from RedShark
35 events 18 reviews

Great event....with lots of history. Inside, you could hear all the infomation clearly...outside, not so much with the windy conidtions. It was a beautiful but windy day. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Review from Juan Beltran
72 events 14 reviews

Beware of buying The Escape From The Rock Cruise. It's a scam. You may buy tix for a specific time, but it won't count once you get there. It's first come first serve and they typically oversell tix for maximum capacity. Furthermore the company...continued

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Review from Vicky
25 events 14 reviews

My family took this cruise this weekend. We didn't really take it for the Alcatraz aspect, more for the length of it - an hour and a half combined with the $13 price. This was awesome! They sell snacks and drinks on the cruise. The cruise staff is...continued

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Review from Sharon
18 events 13 reviews

It was a very enjoyable sunny weekday cruise on the bay, and we enjoyed hearing about the history and folklore of Alcatraz that was broadcast throughout the boat. We went on the 11.30am tour as we knew that it would be less windy than later in the...continued

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Review from Dot Janson
23 events 12 reviews

Great tour and entertaining and lots of history. Since the regular Alcatraz tour books up, this is definitely an excellent option - also for folks that won't be able to walk around on the Rock or who have more limited time. I'll recommend this...continued

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Review from jaMACH
13 events 10 reviews

pretty cheap cruise. definitely would have liked to stop by the island but going around twice was good enough as it was pretty cold. the narration was pretty interesting and was a relaxing trip to start out the day.

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Review from lior
12 events 10 reviews

The boat ride was good. The sun cooperated and came out on the way back from Alcatraz. The recorded story/history was silly and amateurish. The music in between the recording was too loud and like a bad movie score. One inside speaker did not work...continued

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Review from Camille Patricia
20 events 10 reviews

The escape from the rock cruise was not what I had expected. The boat to transport us around the bay is need of serious repair. The chairs and tables were in disarray and are not bolted to the floor so they inevitably slide around. They are also...continued

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Review from tobyh
11 events 9 reviews

Very enjoyable from point A to point Z.

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Review from Amirajab
22 events 8 reviews

Great! We Missed the boat by 4 houres on Saturday, they were nice enough to suggest Sunday's cruise and when we told them that would not work, they switched it to the afternoon cruise. However the afternoon cruise was shorter but it was all fun.

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Review from SwtnSassy3
11 events 7 reviews

Dress warm!! Very cold and windy in month of July. Honestly after 45 minutes, we were ready to head back to dock. The cruise circled Alcatraz twice, and we were envious of those that were actually on Alcatraz.

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Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 7 reviews

Nice boat ride with spectacular views under the golden gate bridge and around Alcatraz island two times.

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Review from Mimi
45 events 7 reviews

Took this as a last minute cruise since the Alcatraz tours were sold out. The narration was entertaining and informative and we had ample opportunity for great close up photos of both the Golden gate bridge as well as Alcatraz island. Tips-the box...continued

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