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Anthony Braxton
Review from Anthony Braxton
Red Velvet 212 events 74 reviews

I was surprised. I debated going - having seen a small version of Chess on these stages a while back that was disappointing. But this.. this was not! Surprisingly I was seeing the understudy in the lead roles of Evita and Che (it was not...continued

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Review from Michael
Red Velvet 223 events 73 reviews

Cozy little theater with a charming bar area. The performance was first class supported by very fine live music. Even the video clips glitches were made entertaining by the quick thinking actor playing the barkeeper. It was a marvelous matinee!

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Michelle Van Horn
Review from Michelle Van Horn
Red Velvet 26 events 1 review

Not my favorite production. I wanted to love it. I was even excited about going. I am afraid this production fell far from the standard that I have seen in the past from the Shelton Theater. If I could, I would give it 2.5 stars. It wasn't...continued

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Mark D Fulwiler
Review from Mark D Fulwiler
159 events 49 reviews

Good production in a very small theater. I enjoyed this performance.

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Review from joexcohen
108 events 48 reviews

Was impressed by the all-around acting-singing talent and the skill of the director in packing so much onto a small stage.

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My Events
Review from My Events
100 events 47 reviews

Always a good time at the Shelton theatre...I had forgotten how much I loved the music and songs of Evita...enjoyed it very much. Thank-you.

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Review from SLH
64 events 36 reviews

Lots of heart. Wonderful singing. And a 10 year old to watch!

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Review from Pauline
43 events 35 reviews

There's nothing better than sitting in a small theater, watching actors acting their hearts out. The choreography was fantastic. Their voices were great. Support local theater! Go see the show!

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pat grabinsky
Review from pat grabinsky
235 events 29 reviews

very interesting modern adaptation of the stage play I enjoyed it very much especially enjoyed the youth of the actors and their effectiveness in delivering the story a minimal staging but very nicely done I love the Shelton theater

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Catherine Maxey
Review from Catherine Maxey
48 events 20 reviews

I enjoyed it very much. The woman who sang Evita nailed it. This company does amazing things with creativity in the costumes and staging. Small 70 seat theater so there aren't bad seats. Well worth seeing.

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Review from sfplay1
70 events 20 reviews

The music slightly off, but the performers did an outstanding job, especially Chloe Angst as Evita.

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Frederick Dale Karp
Review from Frederick Dale Karp
227 events 20 reviews

We watched a Preview Performance and we both were thoroughly entertained. It was excellent from beginning to end.

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Lance Belville
Review from Lance Belville
92 events 17 reviews

We went to EVITA at the Shelton Theatre in early March,. My wife’s comment on exiting, to which I agree totally: “This is how EVITA should be done. Andrew Lloyd Webber should hop a plane and come see it.” OK, she’s a theatre director herself and...continued

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Review from zorystan
37 events 6 reviews

great production and direction. as usual, In this theatre ,they have a great talent for getting the most out of their performers. it is a thrill to see them giving their all.We loved it!

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Jane Weil
Review from Jane Weil
46 events 6 reviews

Young, semi-professional cast in a wonderfully, funky, appropriate setting...performing a wonderful musical...it was a fun night out...

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M. Stacey Shaffer
Review from M. Stacey Shaffer
11 events 5 reviews

I very much enjoyed this intimate version of Evita at the Shelton, especially the actor playing Che (Oklys Pimentel). The tango singer (Brooklyn Page Torres) and Peron's mistress (Danielle Tortolani that night) were also favorites. I will be...continued

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Stephanie Ruiz
Review from Stephanie Ruiz
22 events 3 reviews

I'm going to be honest. I love plays. I love musicals. I was disappointed. I saw that it was well reviewed and sold out on Gold Star, so I was looking forward to seeing the play. Then I learned it was live music with real musicians, and I was...continued

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Review from Lenny
23 events 3 reviews

It was very confusing. Very difficult to follow the story, especially in the first Act.

However great singing and wonderful dancing.

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Mary Ann McLean
Review from Mary Ann McLean
3 events 3 reviews

The play was marvelous. The singing and dancing were outstanding! What a talented group of performers.

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Nicolette Heaphy
Review from Nicolette Heaphy
4 events 2 reviews

A very charming, intimate and sincere interpretation of a classic. I would definitely see another production there.

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