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Review from Fergus
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Excellent and easy walk thru Haight history. Informative - learned some things I didn't know. Nicely complemented with music and punny jokes.

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Review from Bonnie
49 events 19 reviews

Great tour! Fun time! And lovely weather!!

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Review from RedShark
38 events 18 reviews

It was pretty funny and informative....although the tour guide would lose his train of thought every now and then....also a resident yelled at him for giving incorrect information (felt kinda bad for him). The tour ended 20 minutes early.

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Review from Jeannie
33 events 11 reviews

It was very interesting and informative. It was a nice combination of walking and talking that lasted a little over two hours and covered the area and events quite nicely. I would recommend it to a local or a visitor!

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Kenneth Phillips
Review from Kenneth Phillips
26 events 9 reviews

Fun and informative.

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Review from glenhart
17 events 7 reviews

Very good tour. The tour guide was personable and funny and had lots of good information about the neighborhood. This tour was more walking (less standing) than other tours -- which for me was a good thing! I brought two teens and even they...continued

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Kaby Birdsall
Review from Kaby Birdsall
17 events 6 reviews

Kurt is wonderful - personable, knowledgable, engaging with wonderful stories, insightful history lessons and a nice bit of interactive humorous engagement with the group. Lots and lots of fun.

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Review from tewabarb@aol.com
26 events 5 reviews

Educated personable and funny guide perfect tour for those interested in this 60’s phenomena

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Review from Frank94109
17 events 4 reviews

i like the history of the city

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Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 4 reviews

I really enjoyed this tour. It was informative and as much an architecture tour as it was a historical tour of the Haight. It was easy to find our tour guide and nice to be able to grab a cup of coffee at the Peace Cafe before we all headed out....continued

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Review from Bn2Wild
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It was OK.

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Review from gaye
16 events 4 reviews

Kurt was knowledgeable with sense of humor about the history of the Haight district. he played music of the era with occasional historical pictures. The tour was about 2 hours and easy walking with few rest stops. The day was beautiful with...continued

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Review from LilGoldenState
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It's interesting to learn a bit about the history of Haight Ashbury but I kind of wish they'd let us know that we need to "study" it prior to understand some of the references he was talking about. A lot of musicians history and how hippies came...continued

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Review from Fabian
3 events 3 reviews

Nice and funny Tour. Sometimes a bit too much "set up" jokes ...
Overall a nice and informative experience

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Review from Keiko
15 events 3 reviews

This tour was really fun and definitely brought back memories. The tour guide used a good combination of humor, games, and musical clips from the 1960s/70s to keep it lively and fun.

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Review from jifleisc
4 events 3 reviews

Tour guide was hard to find with out a name tag. The Peace Cafe knew nothing about the tour. The tour was 30 mins late starting. The tour was not as informative as i had hoped. But the tour guide made the tour fun with nice tour/tourist interaction.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Good tour, good humor, good pace, good music (especially the Manson clip!). Would have liked it to to be a wee bit longer, as it would have been had it included a little bit more information about some of the gorgeous houses we saw along the way...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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I really enjoyed this tour. I was a bit wary when I read that it was a "comedy tour" but our guide was funny and enjoyable in a low key, non offensive way. Our group size was perfect and I enjoyed all the walking. I am 24 and I got this as a gift...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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I took my son on his 18th birthday with two of his friends and they had a great time. Not knowing a lot of that history or the cultural and the merging music scene, each of them found something they could relate to and just had a whole lot of fun.

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Áine NíBhroin GiollaPhádraic
Review from Áine NíBhroin GiollaPhádraic
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I wouls recommend to go during the week when there is less of a crowd so it is more personal. it was a lot of fun not just information!

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