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Review from Hllywd
Red Velvet 987 events 468 reviews

I enjoyed this production however I did not think it was stellar. No stand out songs for me. There were some well done funny moments. Acting was good. I do think that some of the serious parts could have had more of an emotional impact. I'm...continued

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Review from Alan
Red Velvet 320 events 140 reviews

Jeanine Tesori's songs really help bring Alison Bechdel's book to vivid emotional life. Terrific performances, great tech. I was really glad I went.

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Thomas O'Leary
Review from Thomas O'Leary
Red Velvet 233 events 87 reviews

Outstanding performances from amazing cast with fine vocal talents and a very clever blending of three stages of a woman's life. But the family lives under examination are basically sad and depressing, no matter how much of a comedy spin they try...continued

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Ken Odom
Review from Ken Odom
Red Velvet 225 events 20 reviews

Wonderful, funny play in the fabulously restored Curran Theater. Don't miss this chance to see the award-winning play and the new Curran.

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June Kamerling
Review from June Kamerling
Red Velvet 32 events 5 reviews

Poignant, touching, disturbing, funny, sad story. Fantastic music, brilliantly acted and performed. I highly recommend.

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Dennis S.
Review from Dennis S.
179 events 81 reviews

Very good show well told and sung. The story line is very interesting.

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Review from TOOTOMEEO
87 events 61 reviews

The play starts out with a few laughs and seems like it's going to be *fun* but as the plot develops, you realize that this is a very serious poignant (true) story of family strife. It's about the discovery of oneself and those around you. It's...continued

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Review from JackieDavisMartin
101 events 49 reviews

The play was good, the performers and musicians all delightful. I and my companions had a problem with the sound. We were in the balcony and the performers were miked so heavily that the children's and women's singing was too strident to...continued

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Review from CultureHound
46 events 21 reviews

The renovated Curran Theatre is a jewel box and Fun Home is the jewel inside. It is a wonderful musical that works on so many levels. The run is relatively short. Don't miss this very special event!

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Larry Feigenbaum
Review from Larry Feigenbaum
54 events 18 reviews

Not our cup of tea. More a social statement event than a musical. If you expect the typical Broadway musical save your money:)

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Review from winshams
30 events 15 reviews

The newly remodeled Curran is beautiful. Upper mezzanine seats, we could see fine. The show was absorbing and well acted and staged. The audience (sold-out) was very enthusiastic. All around a lovely evening.

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Jane Goldsmith
Review from Jane Goldsmith
27 events 14 reviews

The show was creative, interesting and musically pleasing. The sound was a problem: it was over-miked and most of the voices were very penetrating and high-pitched, which made it hard to understand the words of several of the characters when...continued

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Review from Lori
39 events 12 reviews

This is the second time I've seen this play, and I absolutely loved it all over again. From the stagecraft to the story to the players--it was perfect! Bravo!!!!!!

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Review from chacha
64 events 11 reviews

I loved the play and even though I had nose-bleed seats, the acoustics were great and my binoculars really helped. Performances were stellar as was the music/lyrics. I'm so glad Goldstar allowed me on a budget to see this! My only complaints: 1)...continued

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Review from KevinMcCormack
37 events 11 reviews

What an amazing musical, and what an amazing theatre. To be able to see this performance in this wonderfully restored theatre was just a treat. The cast were incredible, the singing and staging and acting just dazzling. And the restored Curran is...continued

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Review from solange
115 events 10 reviews

Singing voices were just mediocre particularly the children's. Also disappointed in quality of children's dancing. Set was not exciting. And plot was not discussed in description of play on your site properly. It should have been mentioned that it...continued

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Review from kith51
29 events 8 reviews

There were seven of us at this show, and we all liked-to-loved it. Personally, I thought it was one of the best musicals I have ever seen, plus being a really thoughtful and nuanced story (not what musicals are best known for).

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Joe Hege
Review from Joe Hege
25 events 7 reviews

Everyone needs to see this production of Fun Home in the newly renovated Curran Theatre. This musical will have you laughing and you will shed a tear. The cast is superb and the staging works great in a proscenium theatre. This musical was...continued

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Review from Irsolomo
15 events 6 reviews

Amazing theater, cast, play, music and everything!!! Cannot recommend this production highly enough!!!

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James Gamberfetti
Review from James Gamberfetti
11 events 6 reviews

Such a great, well written show! I laughed, I cried, it was amazing

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