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Play with the Pfisters
Review from Play with the Pfisters
Red Velvet 48 events 25 reviews

We had a wonderful time, the sailing boat was a lot of fun and the weather cooperated beautifully. Great photo ops of Alcatraz, other sail boats and the Golden Gate Bridge which we sailed uder. Highly recommend

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Review from IsC
78 events 70 reviews

It was very pleasant to sale by the Golden Gate and Alcatraz, sipping a mimosa. The cruise delivered on its promise.

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Review from Ted
118 events 39 reviews

Two hour motor/sail cruise from Pier 39 out under the Golden Gate. We had great weather for this trip, so it was very comfortable, but guests should be prepared for frequent cold/wet weather.
It was a little crowded with the number of people...continued

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Review from toocurli
68 events 23 reviews

this is a motorized sailboat w/o sails.
very pleasant- use sunscreen!

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Review from ajlatta
48 events 20 reviews

An enjoyable hour and a half of boating on the Bay on a beautiful day. We went on a 10:00 am outing, and the 41' Privateer delivered. We motored out to the Golden Gate Bridge, and then the captain and first mate put up the sails, and we sailed...continued

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Alice B.
Review from Alice B.
69 events 17 reviews

this was a wonderful sail with Captain Mike and First Mate Caleb. We motored directly out to and under the GG Bridge. Man, could you tell when you had crossed over to the Pacific Ocean! Then the sails went up and we sailed back on a leisurely...continued

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Molly Murphy
Review from Molly Murphy
41 events 16 reviews

Really personable and fun captain/staff! They even had spare blankets for those of us who were under-prepared and...cold. Beautiful and relaxing views/tour.

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Valentina Bettencourt
Review from Valentina Bettencourt
161 events 14 reviews

We had a great time on this beautiful twin masted double-jibbed sailing boat. The crew were friendly and competent and the champagne flowed. I will definitely do this again with out of town visitors.

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Review from Wickedvic
147 events 12 reviews

Lovely day out on the water. This was a perfect way to relax and see the bridge and Alcatraz up close. We did not drink but they crew was very generous with the mimosas. The captain and crew were very knowledgeable and fun. If you are in SF I...continued

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Review from Carlos
17 events 9 reviews

Had a fantastic time! Beautiful weather, great drinks and friendly crew!!!

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Review from Skylar
14 events 9 reviews

This was a fabulous trip across the San Francisco bay. We were so lucking on our day that there was no fog except across the GG Bridge. The captain and his second man were delightful. Everyone around us just couldn't say enough on how much fun...continued

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Will Sanson-Mosier
Review from Will Sanson-Mosier
86 events 9 reviews

Wonderful time on the bay. Definitely worth doing! Start out a bit cold with the wind but turned out great. Dress in layers so you can cover up if cold or take off if warm.

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Marsha Berger
Review from Marsha Berger
14 events 8 reviews

a very relaxed 2 hours. Pier 39, Captain Michael, 1st mate Devon took care of our needs. Jackets and blankets were provided for this chilly voyage under the Golden gate bridge.

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Review from Sandra
34 events 8 reviews

Great Sailing Tour!

The Crew is very friendly.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
17 events 8 reviews

What a super way to spend 2 hours on San Francisco Bay - the day was lovely and when they put the sails up it was superb. Highly recommended - in fact, we're going to book again!

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Ed Buckingham
Review from Ed Buckingham
12 events 7 reviews

Weather perfect, sea calm. Drinks plentiful - including soft drinks. Captain Eric and crew polite and interesting. Great family day.

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Hairy Scary
Review from Hairy Scary
9 events 6 reviews

Great! relaxing! funny Captain. Could be just 1.5 or 1.75 hrs. Last few were rough/tiring.
Highly recommended over the Fleets.

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Review from Pamela
13 events 6 reviews

It was a lovely day and the place to be was on a sailboat. A really wonderful sight to see San Francisco from the water and it is always an event to view the Golden Gate from underneath. We had a lovely sail down the city front and enjoyed...continued

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Carol Chugg Rivers
Review from Carol Chugg Rivers
11 events 6 reviews

This was an absolutely delightful trip! My daughter, who was home from her east coast college for spring break, and I went. Captain Mike is great as well as the first mate, who also served as the bar tender. We had great fun singing along to...continued

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Review from eastbayjose
16 events 5 reviews

Actually, I give it 4.5 stars. It was a great experience. The ship was a sturdy, two-masted 41-45 ft. ketch. There were 27 passengers aboard which made it just a tad crowded but manageable. The skipper and first mate were very accomodating and...continued

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