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Review from Salina
Red Velvet 78 events 23 reviews

For a first timer I had a hard time. I believe this class should be for someone who has had previous experience on a segway that had down the general feel of riding the segway. I had trouble since I did not feel I had enough time to learn the...continued

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Kenyon Brown
Review from Kenyon Brown
659 events 377 reviews

Wonderful day out for two older adults who have lived in the Bay Area for 20+ years and been to GGP many, many times. We saw many new places, learned many things and really enjoyed the entire experience. Our guide, Jeff, was informative,...continued

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Review from JohnM
78 events 40 reviews

I've become an addict for Segways. This was my third time on a Segway in the Bay Area (the "Basic" Fisherman's Wharf tour, the "Advanced" tour [includes Lombard St.!], and now the GG Park). Have had excellent, enthusiastic, knowledgeable guides...continued

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Review from Ani
109 events 33 reviews

The most fun! Our guide was wonderful. I can't wait to do it again.

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Barry C. Lawrence
Review from Barry C. Lawrence
42 events 33 reviews

This segway tour began in total heavy rain fall, but they provided rain parkas and we were warm and dry. Segwaying in GG park in the rain is fun. Highly recommend this company and their locations through out SF.

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Review from JeanMarie
140 events 32 reviews

Ady was terrific! She not only ensure our group's safety but also shared historical stories related to Golden Gate Park with added pieces of humor. Highly recommend Ady as your tour guide!

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Review from kgeorge
67 events 30 reviews

Much easier than I expected. Excellent training. The guides (I had Blaire) are personable and humorous. Being "summer" in San Francisco, it's crazy cold in the park. Thankfully they had extra coats you can borrow so I had a wonderful time.

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Susan Jane
Review from Susan Jane
63 events 28 reviews

A lot of fun!

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Brenda Lyons
Review from Brenda Lyons
47 events 26 reviews

I absolutely loved this Segway adventure. There was so much to see and a lot of great learning about the City I love. Our tour guide was really cool! This tour is a fun interactive way to introduce anyone to the hidden nooks and cranies of SF in...continued

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Review from jteller
228 events 23 reviews

fantastic day! Our guide Jeff was terrific! Don't miss out on a great way to see this very beautiful park and the opportunity to learn about it's rich history.

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Lorenzo T.
Review from Lorenzo T.
123 events 22 reviews

It was a lovely day for a ride through the park and Brooke was a great guide, very funny (or "hi-la-rious" as she would say). I really like the times she took us off-road and she took lots of pictures for our group. My only negative was that we...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
29 events 20 reviews

Nice and lazy way to discover the Golden Gate Park.
I only regret we did not cover 100% of it. The our guide was nice and knowledgeable. Segway is easy to ride after you're be given the instructions and training;
Don't hesitate to take gloves...continued

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Jörg Fockele
Review from Jörg Fockele
81 events 19 reviews

Not much to say other than that I loved it. Great tour guide, interesting information and most of all tons of fun on the Segway. Will definitely go on another tour with the company and next time I have friends in town will take them as well.

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Review from chrislumd
37 events 17 reviews

1). Good tour with friendly staffs and funny tour guide.
2). They trained us more than 30 min. to make sure everyone is very comfortable with the Segway before we get on the real tour.
3). The tour guide took us through some woods, mud, slope,...continued

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Review from VeryB
63 events 17 reviews

Fun way to tour a +1,000 acre park in a few hours. Big plus that they are very serious about making sure you are comfortable maneuvering a Segway & the ear pods (your own or they provide new) assure you come away entertained yet informed. Looking...continued

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B Campbell
Review from B Campbell
40 events 14 reviews

My high school friends from Kansas were terrified but loved it.
I have lived in the Bay Area for 30 years and had not seen all of he park. Keep up the good work. Joey was terrific!!!!

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Andrew Gin
Review from Andrew Gin
27 events 14 reviews

San Francisco Golden Gate Park Segway Tour proves to be the most comprehensive tour I've ever experienced. I've taken Segway tours in Madrid, DC, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago but none has proven to be as safety oriented as this tour! Our tour...continued

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Lynn Johnson
Review from Lynn Johnson
29 events 13 reviews

Really awesome tour! The training is adequate to get you going on your way! Don't worry if you have never riden a Segway before. The staff are all very helpful and friendly. Our tour guide was Blake and he was not only knowledgable but funny...continued

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Review from sunnysuze
27 events 11 reviews

We had a great time on the tour, even though there was a problem with our reservation. If you take advantage of this offer, make sure you book through the tour company, not through Goldstar.

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Review from sunnysuze
27 events 11 reviews

What a great Segway location! The switchbacks going over the hill were challenging, the views were amazing, and the guide was wonderful. Highly recommended.

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