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Review from Alan
Red Velvet 339 events 155 reviews

I loved this show. I ordinarily wouldn't go anywhere near Union Square between Tnanksgiving and Christmas and I'm really glad I did. Loved the movie, of course, but didn't know much about the show until I saw it and was a little dubious that it...continued

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Fraser Woollard
Review from Fraser Woollard
Red Velvet 86 events 11 reviews

Perfect play for the holidays. SF playhouse always puts on great productions for Christmas and this did not disappoint. The main character, Phil, was played by the understudy - who was absolutely fantastic (you’d never know). Really fun and...continued

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John F
Review from John F
Red Velvet 31 events 4 reviews

This is a very fun redo of the movie, with some catchy tunes and a bit of an edge that wasn't there in the Bill Murray version. The acting, dancing and singing were all top rate.
The theater is very centrally located, in the middle of the Union...continued

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Baby J
Review from Baby J
144 events 106 reviews

I’ve never seen the film so I knew nothing of the story. I found the book/story of this musical to be very very confusing. (I’ve also found everyone who has seen the film defend the musical.) I just don’t think the musical stands alone. That...continued

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Review from Kirk
82 events 43 reviews

Outstanding in every respect
It captured the best elements from the film and then transcended it.
Exceptional acting, directing, choreography, and music
A great holiday gift

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James Vogt
Review from James Vogt
80 events 14 reviews

Overall, the large cast did an exceptional job, particularly the actor playing the demanding role of Punxsutawney Phil whose voice was perfect for part, but everyone deserves kudos. It would be a good idea to enter the theatre without much...continued

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Review from DesM1
18 events 10 reviews

As always, my sister and I enjoyed this play. Ryan Drummond is awesome! This is the third time we've seen him on stage (Christmas Story (2017) and Mary Poppins (2018) and he is always an excellent performer. The entire cast are just simply awesome!

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Review from Allen
34 events 10 reviews

Very worthwhile theater experience. The constant choreography is a wonder and delight to behold. The entire cast is very strong and charming, and the pure stamina of the lead actor is amazing.

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Review from anthony.r.dobrovolskis@nasa.gov
140 events 9 reviews

Brilliant production! The star is amazing. Even some of the minor characters reveal themselves in surprisingly deep songs.

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Mary Baker
Review from Mary Baker
13 events 7 reviews

Such talented people! Really a fun evening

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Becca S
Review from Becca S
24 events 6 reviews

Really excellent night of theater that goes way above and beyond the "movie musical" genre. Groundhog Day is not an easy show to stage, but SF Playhouse's production makes it look effortless. Ryan Drummond does an top-notch job carrying the show...continued

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Brian Durwood
Review from Brian Durwood
9 events 3 reviews

Fun play. Excellent venue.

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Mary Jo Sorensen
Review from Mary Jo Sorensen
6 events 3 reviews

Good voices, good acting!, clever coreography. Ryan was very funny in his "disgusting"role!

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Grant Paul
Review from Grant Paul
8 events 3 reviews

So much talent on that stage!

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Gurvinder Pal Singh
Review from Gurvinder Pal Singh
14 events 2 reviews

A play full of entertainment, energy, wonderful acting, good choreography etc etc. The main reason I haven't given 5 stars is because of the length, its a little too long. Some solo song performances, although were great, just didn't feel critical...continued

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Ana Naga Jones
Review from Ana Naga Jones
13 events 2 reviews

Pleasantly surprised by the talent and cast for this entertaining and beautifully produced show in SF on a week day night. My college age children loved it and we had a good time.Good seats, less crowded and wonderful experience.

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Alice Woo
Review from Alice Woo
4 events 1 review

Fantastic production of a surprisingly fantastic show! 100% recommend!!

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Mianxin Huang
Review from Mianxin Huang
5 events 1 review

It was truly a fantastic show!!! The amazing production, the spot-on performance of the cast, and the inspiring creativeness of the set made me want to see the show again!!! I went with my mom, who speaks very little English, yet she understood...continued

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Mark Stockbridge
Review from Mark Stockbridge
1 event 1 review

really tight production. The change in Phil is very heartwarming.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

The cast was good and the show was well produced. I didn't know what to expect of a musical, some songs were ok, but overall I liked it.

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