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Review from LN
7 events 5 reviews

The play was very entertaining. Singing and acting was excellent. Seats were all great no matter where you sat. We sat in the "Z" row.

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Deborah Malone Mohamed
Review from Deborah Malone Mohamed
12 events 5 reviews

The seats I bought were in the mezzanine. I would purchase again! Next time I will try the Orchestra just to see what I prefer but no complaints with our view. This is now my absolute favorite Broadway show!!!!

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Bobbie J. Holly
Review from Bobbie J. Holly
16 events 5 reviews

The seats were wonderful. I brought out of town guests and this was their first time to see Hamilton. They loved it. They were so impressed. What a fabulous way to teach history.

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Sylvia Gonzalez
Review from Sylvia Gonzalez
9 events 5 reviews

The show was AMAZING!! A must see and I would definitely go again. The performers are all extremely talented. You will feel very emotion. Highly recommended.

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Review from Kbvitz
19 events 5 reviews

The show was spectacular! Loved every minute of it!

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Les Parrett
Review from Les Parrett
7 events 5 reviews

The whole experience was awesome. Saving 200 to 300 dollars per ticket was sweet!!! The music, cast and story is well done. If you have wanted to see it and tickets are too expensive on aftermarket sites, this is great way to do it. Our...continued

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Review from MYeo
10 events 5 reviews

We simply loved the show & now understand why others are raving it. The cast was superb & the singing, mesmerizing! Being an avid fan of Broadway shows in New York, this was definitely Broadway quality!

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Shana Barchas
Review from Shana Barchas
17 events 5 reviews

Wow, this lived up to the hype. Thanks, Goldstar, for letting me see Hamilton for $95!

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kristi ann
Review from kristi ann
27 events 4 reviews

"Hamilton" is indeed worthy of the kudos it's received with the writing, the choreography, the exceptional, indescribable talent of singers and dancers alike. An amazing 3 hours of theater like none other. Best advice I received was doing some...continued

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Tatjana Rmus
Review from Tatjana Rmus
16 events 4 reviews

A great night out. Music is awesome. Great life story of a founding father.

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Brenda Cruz
Review from Brenda Cruz
33 events 4 reviews

A very hip production with incredible music. Great entertainment. I cried I laughed I tapped my toes. Overall awesome show!

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Review from Dale
9 events 4 reviews

Although everyone I know raves about Hamilton, I still prefer dramatic theatre.

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Toni Rubino
Review from Toni Rubino
12 events 4 reviews

Amazing music, actors and play!! Loved it!!

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Review from chuck
22 events 4 reviews

As usual, a rousing performance (especially a much-more animated King George) that captivated the appreciative audience.

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Adair Lara
Review from Adair Lara
12 events 4 reviews

Best production EVER! The title role great voice and expression, the dancers aamazing

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Susan Houchen
Review from Susan Houchen
33 events 4 reviews

Delightful songs, choreography, and overall enthusiasm by the cast. I had been wanting to see it for a long time.

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Review from Mitchell
6 events 4 reviews

Enjoyable throughout the musical. All performers were excellent.

One note I really missed the performers taking individual bows. Instead the cast took a bow and then asked for money for charities they support and we missed seeing and giving...continued

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Dawn Travella Gilbert
Review from Dawn Travella Gilbert
7 events 4 reviews

Everything about it was excellent! From purchasing the tickets to having a great time at Hamilton! Wow what an awesome day!

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Review from Tency
19 events 4 reviews

Fabulous Show!

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Daria Johnson
Review from Daria Johnson
18 events 4 reviews

Fantastic show! The cast is phenomenal and I will definitely see it again at least 2 more times.
Great music, great acting, just all around amazing experience.

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