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Ian McFadyen
Review from Ian McFadyen
12 events 4 reviews

Great performance. We have seats up high in the mezzanine - thought they it might be too far back, but turns out they were ideal - could see all the action, especially the choreography. Great show

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Review from SteveR
6 events 4 reviews

Great show!

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Robert Adelman
Review from Robert Adelman
20 events 4 reviews

Hamilton is a masterpiece!
Seat you gave me was terrible, against the wall in the back, the stage viewing was partially blocked.
With all that the brilliance of the show was obvious.

Goldstar needs to let you know what seat you’re getting before...continued

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Raelynn Rodriguez
Review from Raelynn Rodriguez
9 events 4 reviews

Hamilton is filled with fabulous voices and the history lesson is amazing! I enjoyed the mixture of rap and singing.

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Renee Sanguinetti
Review from Renee Sanguinetti
6 events 4 reviews

Hamilton was amazing!! Incredible singing, choreography, sets, humor. Loved it all!! Especially the King!

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Leah Alaura
Review from Leah Alaura
13 events 4 reviews

I give this show a 5 star. It was different from other musicals, funny, modern style of singing—hip-hop, rap, and R&B rhythms—made this show so so entertaining. The 2 young gals next to us are comebacks. In reference to our seats we bought from...continued

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Review from Kitty1
21 events 4 reviews

I had an orchestra aisle seat which was great except the person in front of me was on her 5th viewing of the show and was bouncing back and forth was seeing was challenging. Inspite of that, loved the show. May want to see it again.

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Connie Moss
Review from Connie Moss
6 events 4 reviews

I have been trying to see Hamilton for years, whenever visiting New York, but could never get and/or afford the tickets, but with Goldstar I have finally arrived. Now prior to seeing it i read some very negative reviews about the SF show, so I...continued

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My Tran
Review from My Tran
16 events 4 reviews

I Loved It!!! New, fun, entertaining experience. Not your usual musicals.

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Mick McCoy
Review from Mick McCoy
14 events 4 reviews

I told my wife it was the best performance I have ever seen. Beginning with set, content, music, choreography etc, it was simply Fantastic!

The theater was magnificent, sound quality and lighting excellent. Thank you!

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Ellen Press
Review from Ellen Press
17 events 4 reviews

I've seen Hamilton a number of times...each time it gives me more and more! Deeper understanding, deeper love, deeper emotions!!!!

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Wendy Travis-Cook
Review from Wendy Travis-Cook
10 events 4 reviews

It was a wonderful performance!

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Anna Leah
Review from Anna Leah
20 events 4 reviews

It was amazing dancing, singing, informational and funny! The set design is awesome and performances were powerful. Can’t wait to go again!!

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Review from French
8 events 4 reviews

It was phenomenal! I thoroughly enjoyed this production of extremely talented individuals depicting a portion of our history in both a humorous and serious manner. I plan to go back for a second viewing.

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Rita Watson
Review from Rita Watson
19 events 4 reviews

It was the best musical, I've seen in years!!

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Belinda Quintana Schonberg
Review from Belinda Quintana Schonberg
10 events 4 reviews

Lin Manuel Miranda - you are a genius!! Loved loved loved the play. The songs are ringing in my brain days after.

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Review from Suzanne
13 events 4 reviews

Loved it! Awesome way to learn about more history! Actors did great job!

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Robert Wong
Review from Robert Wong
11 events 4 reviews

One of the best musicals I have ever seen. It was entertaining and educational! Not to be missed!

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Review from gk9seal
19 events 4 reviews

Phenomenal show. Great seats - center Orchestra. Be warned old theater so seats are close together and not much leg room. Also bought red wine single portion $18 with a sippy cup ?

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Beth Remington
Review from Beth Remington
6 events 4 reviews


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