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Trail Trekker
Review from Trail Trekker
6 events 3 reviews

I bought 5 tickets for this show. 4 of the folks never saw it. We loved it. The seats were perfect. We are very pleased with Goldstar, Hamilton and the seats.

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Joy Elizabeth Powell
Review from Joy Elizabeth Powell
23 events 3 reviews

I loved Hamilton! I had seen it in 2017, but it was just as good now as the first time I saw it. The cast is amazing!

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Review from Darla
12 events 3 reviews

I loved Hamilton! Given the opportunity I would see again. It is so relevant given today’s political situation.

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Ikram Haque
Review from Ikram Haque
18 events 3 reviews

Immensely entertaining! Loved every song. The story is historic and inspirational. The performance was impressive and funny and heartfelt! Met quite a few repeat customers and also found out they're are a few family members who had seen Hamilton...continued

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Nicki Quaranta
Review from Nicki Quaranta
11 events 3 reviews


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Lynn Woltjer
Review from Lynn Woltjer
4 events 3 reviews

Inventive and wonderful....both history and very personal combined well..

One complaint was that it was incredibly LOUD! I wish I had had ear plugs. When I closed ears with fingers, I could understand words just fine, and fingers in ears...continued

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Robyn Slater
Review from Robyn Slater
5 events 3 reviews

It was an amazing show. I've been listening to the soundtrack for a couple of weeks which was helpful because the words were being send so quickly.
Highly recommend.

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Review from AChung
15 events 3 reviews

It was an amazing musical. Wish this was around when I took American History ;)

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Review from Mmardesich
9 events 3 reviews

It was such a great deal to have such amazingly priced tickets in the orchestra. It truly changes the experience of watch a musical from those seats.

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Cynthia Miller
Review from Cynthia Miller
36 events 3 reviews

Lived up to all the hype!!
Truly remarkable!

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Ailee L.
Review from Ailee L.
101 events 3 reviews


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Review from Pit20
3 events 3 reviews

My wife and I greatly enjoyed Hamilton. We both though both the story and performances were excellent. Out seats on the orchestra level were great, especially for the price of $75. I would easily recommend viewing this show to friends and family.

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Review from Shaboya
63 events 3 reviews

One of the best musicals I have seen and I attend theater four to five times each month!
The rapping, singing, acting and dancing were terrific.
Most importantly, I could understand
What was being said-diction was good!
The script and directing...continued

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Jonathan Rothman
Review from Jonathan Rothman
4 events 3 reviews

Outstanding show and ease of ticketing ordering (and ticket prices) were terrific. Thank you Goldstar for a great day!

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Review from tracey9255
10 events 3 reviews

Perfect experience. We were able to pick our seats at the time of purchase, had printed tickets, easy parking across the street on a Saturday night, venue is beautiful, everything was organized, show started on-time, and was amazing, yet again. ...continued

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Gloria Hou
Review from Gloria Hou
27 events 3 reviews

Phenomenal performance in SF. As someone that doesn't even like rap, I was able to appreciate the musical composition and stage performance from this wonderful cast.

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Beverly Brook
Review from Beverly Brook
16 events 3 reviews

Seats were great. Play was fantastic.

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Colleen Chung
Review from Colleen Chung
4 events 3 reviews

Side mezzanine seats were a perfect view, thank you goldstar for making this experience affordable!

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Karen Tanner
Review from Karen Tanner
8 events 3 reviews

So fast moving, amazing energy, choreography, costumes--it was wonderful!

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Martina Mum
Review from Martina Mum
5 events 3 reviews

So much hype!

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