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Darcy T
Review from Darcy T
6 events 2 reviews

Do not miss this show!

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Karen Ross
Review from Karen Ross
5 events 2 reviews

Entertaining musical theatre about Alexander Hamilton’s life, difficult childhood, young adulthood, America, his superior intelligence, and his incredible contribution to America’s start. Along with his personal life makes this a very interesting...continued

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Julie K Anderson
Review from Julie K Anderson
7 events 2 reviews

Everything I'd heard hyped--and more!

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Kevin Solari
Review from Kevin Solari
3 events 2 reviews

Excellent from opening to last scene. Great theatre! Loved it!

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Review from normajlee67
10 events 2 reviews

Excellent musical all the way around! Love the Orpheum, loved the dancing, loved the story with the twist they gave it, and loved the comedy that came from it!! It was SOOOOOO good. Thank you!

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Review from Danielle
7 events 2 reviews

Excellent... one too many love ballads for my taste, but otherwise fantastic!!

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Marlene Zuehlsdorff
Review from Marlene Zuehlsdorff
21 events 2 reviews

Fabulous in every way!

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Salvador Lozano
Review from Salvador Lozano
3 events 2 reviews

Fabulous show, the only negative of the evening was that the bathroom facilities were not adequate for the number of people in the theatre.

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Review from Teresa
6 events 2 reviews
Camille Mendiola
Review from Camille Mendiola
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Nan Vernazz
Review from Nan Vernazz
19 events 2 reviews

Fabulous. Will go again.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 2 reviews

Fantastic seats for an amazing show! Thanks Goldstar.

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Bob Krofchik
Review from Bob Krofchik
7 events 2 reviews

Fantastic show! Fantastic seats! Fantastic experience!

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Erica Hernandez
Review from Erica Hernandez
5 events 2 reviews

Given the popularity of the show I really appreciated goldstar offering tickets at a discounted price. I was equally pleased with the seating accommodations arranged. Ours were on the side, and still provided a great view of the stage. Lastly, I...continued

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Diane Lang
Review from Diane Lang
19 events 2 reviews

Go see it! It was excellent!

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Little Fuzzball
Review from Little Fuzzball
7 events 2 reviews

Got lost in the storyline because I couldn't understand what they were saying. Very little spoken word at regular tone/meter - either singing, rapping or poetic. Prefer more traditional history - not this play's take on it.

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Chris Gardner
Review from Chris Gardner
7 events 2 reviews

Great cast and great seats! Thank you Goldstar!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 2 reviews

Great music, dancing, story, and performances.

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Sherry Lifton
Review from Sherry Lifton
5 events 2 reviews

Great seats!!! Much better than I expected! I enjoyed a fabulous performance. Thank you, Goldstar

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Anna Alioto-Hogan
Review from Anna Alioto-Hogan
14 events 2 reviews

Great seats and great show

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