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Anna Alioto-Hogan
Review from Anna Alioto-Hogan
14 events 2 reviews

Great seats and great show

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Review from Aeruggie514
6 events 2 reviews

Great show, wonderful experience, and good seats too! I recommend those seeing it to look up the lyrics to songs before the show because it's fast-paced!

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Lisa Barron
Review from Lisa Barron
6 events 2 reviews

Great show! Thank you Goldstar

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Keya Stanford
Review from Keya Stanford
14 events 2 reviews

Great show. Loved the energy and the historical detail

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Cari Fair
Review from Cari Fair
22 events 2 reviews

Great show. Amazing seat location for the price!

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Fernanda Miotto: )
Review from Fernanda Miotto: )
6 events 2 reviews

Great talented cast! Well written! Very entertaining and educational

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

Great value for the last seat in the House. Too bad I did not see the Travelzoo deal with the exact same price but you got to choose your exact seat. I find it that Goldstar opens up the seats over time to appear that a show is in demand. For a...continued

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Natasha Bobinaoux
Review from Natasha Bobinaoux
2 events 2 reviews

Hamilton was awesome! Our seats were good too! I’ll go back and see it again soon

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Karen Wessenberg
Review from Karen Wessenberg
9 events 2 reviews

Hamilton was a great performance. Given the current political climate, people really got into the performance. There was even a young couple dressed in period costumes! It was a great experience, I won't soon forget.

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John Duel
Review from John Duel
11 events 2 reviews

Hamilton was incredible! A must-see.

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Kevin Tiell
Review from Kevin Tiell
8 events 2 reviews

Highly energetic! From the opening song through the entire performance, the cast sang and danced as if our nation’s history depended upon it. I’ve never seen a better show, and I applaud everyone involved in this production! It exceeded my...continued

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Alison W
Review from Alison W
4 events 2 reviews

Highly, highly recommend this show. Outstanding choreography and music.

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Debra Gonzalez
Review from Debra Gonzalez
9 events 2 reviews

I absolutely Loved it The dancing and music were amazing. It was funny as well. Well cast. I was never a history buff but I am going home to read more about the story of Hamilton and his friends. I will go see it again after I read about the...continued

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Heather Christiansen
Review from Heather Christiansen
2 events 2 reviews

I can't say enough good things!! My daughter and I saw it for the first time and we couldn't stop smiling. Every song is beautiful, the set is amazing, and the cast was fantastic!!

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Karen Wessenberg
Review from Karen Wessenberg
9 events 2 reviews

I had seen Hamilton last October and loved it. I treated my sister last night and was thoroughly surprised and pleased to see the second act changed to include some lines that directly connected the production to the current administration's...continued

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Annette Randazzo
Review from Annette Randazzo
4 events 2 reviews

I just love the play, it was amazing. I would love to see it again anytime.
I don’t know if the movie is going to do justice to it.

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Peter Ryan
Review from Peter Ryan
3 events 2 reviews

I knew it was going to be good. It was way better than I imagined. The production quality and grandeur was unexpected and awesome. The Orpheum did not disappoint. With only 2200 seats, there isn't a bad seat in the house. I loved the architecture...continued

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Carmel Trela
Review from Carmel Trela
9 events 2 reviews

I liked it, but had real difficulty understanding what they were rapping about in the first act.

Maybe it was my "old" ears but most of it was unintelligible to me and my friend who came with me.

The 2nd act was much easier to understand....continued

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David Sassoon
Review from David Sassoon
2 events 2 reviews

I liked it--did not love it, but really liked it. I typically love musicals because they go deep into emotions but this one, while 'clever', 'new', 'different' and intriguing, did not touch me. The music was at times flat despite the energy with...continued

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Review from Melissa
14 events 2 reviews

I loved it!

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