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Review from beegee78
98 events 56 reviews

Is the most amazing play that I have seen since For Colored Girls on Broadway many, many years ago. It was refreshing, informative, and just plain old great!! It caused me to reflect on the history of this country and the place that we are now....continued

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Pauline H.
Review from Pauline H.
95 events 54 reviews

Great show ... and great seats !!

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Review from P.H.T.
94 events 51 reviews

It is truly great. The singing and musicians are amazing, the sound system/skill is also amazing.

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Review from nfw
103 events 47 reviews

Spectacular! Amazing performances from gifted, talented cast. What a way to learn history.......

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Review from frugal
80 events 45 reviews

Phenomenal! Actually, this is the second time that I've seen this show, and I'd like to
see it again!

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Gail Bowers
Review from Gail Bowers
135 events 45 reviews

We were advised to listen to the music before we went and we did. very glad we did or it would have been difficult to follow the action and the words. The music can be streamed from Amazon for free. Be sure to do it if you go.

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Janis C.
Review from Janis C.
70 events 37 reviews

Creative bent on our history, but one continuous rap. Exhausting.

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Peggy Rock
Review from Peggy Rock
104 events 36 reviews

Really thrilling evening at the theater. Great show!

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Marcia Kabaker
Review from Marcia Kabaker
47 events 34 reviews

We were so cramped and uncomfortable in the middle of the back row. My husband had so little leg room, he left at intermission. It was also very warm with no circulating air. Had to use the program as a fan.

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Audrey Cole
Review from Audrey Cole
97 events 34 reviews

While it's hard to match the sheer hype of this show, they did a wonderful job.

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L G.
Review from L G.
84 events 32 reviews

We took out of town guests to this on short notice, and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Everything you could want in a production.

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Review from JOGGING GAL
53 events 31 reviews

The performance was good and although I couldn't catch all the words being said since they were oftentimes quickly said, there were enough of the lines which I understood so I knew the story line. The male performers spoke loudly and clearly, but...continued

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Crystal Campisi
Review from Crystal Campisi
43 events 31 reviews

The singing and dancing were amazing, lead voices were strong! The large group choreography was impressive, the costumes were authentic. I would give it 5 stars except for one thing:

the CASTING. It's already confusing to have the founding...continued

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Review from Lori
48 events 29 reviews

Beautiful musical like I have never seen before. A must for everyone, especially the young ones. Stunning performances! Thanks for the great price and seats Goldstar! Go, go, go everyone!

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Review from kipellen
49 events 29 reviews

Really an amazing musical with very talented performers. Even better seeing it the second time!

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Navdeep Jassal
Review from Navdeep Jassal
72 events 29 reviews

Wonderful production!

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Review from ButtaFlyDreamz
39 events 24 reviews

I loved everything about this! Have been wanting/waiting to see this forever and it did not disappoint. The story line was easy to follow and the singing was magnificent! So good, I'm going back again Dec 13th.

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Marion Engelke
Review from Marion Engelke
54 events 22 reviews

One of the best musicals I've seen!

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Review from MPKastner
42 events 21 reviews

Better than first time! Could see and hear well, great in every way

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Dean B.
Review from Dean B.
36 events 21 reviews

I wish Burr had shot me first so I could have avoided the first bad opening major chord through the sitcom theme styled show music to the derivative harmonies. The duet with Hamilton and his son turned the trend but not enough to give me any tune...continued

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