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Devon Corpus
Review from Devon Corpus
Red Velvet 3 events 1 review

This is our third time seeing the show and we brought our friends this time. It was magical as always. The cast is so talented and friendly. We love that they come out and greet fans after the show. Their personalities are fun!

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Dennis S.
Review from Dennis S.
180 events 81 reviews

Absolutely a great show.

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Mark D Fulwiler
Review from Mark D Fulwiler
206 events 76 reviews

It’s a good show, with excellent production design, choreography, staging, acting and singing. The music is hit or miss, however, and it should not be taken as an accurate history lesson. Worth seeing.

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Lenny Kay Hanson
Review from Lenny Kay Hanson
109 events 69 reviews

Outstanding! Writing, music, the entire production put smiling, beaming faces on all of us in the audience. King George is wildly high camp, it was delightful. I’m going back next weekend and taking my kids,

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madelyn klein
Review from madelyn klein
90 events 66 reviews

Great acting rap/singing and dance moves. I didn't find the songs memorable and I had trouble understanding everything said. Therefore it was a little confusing for me as I'm not a big history buff and didn't have the best background to catch...continued

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Review from LP
78 events 61 reviews

I've seen it before and it's fantastic.
But last nights performance was extra wow!

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Pauline H.
Review from Pauline H.
92 events 53 reviews

Great show ... and great seats !!

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Janis C.
Review from Janis C.
68 events 37 reviews

Creative bent on our history, but one continuous rap. Exhausting.

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Peggy Rock
Review from Peggy Rock
102 events 36 reviews

Really thrilling evening at the theater. Great show!

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Marcia Kabaker
Review from Marcia Kabaker
47 events 34 reviews

We were so cramped and uncomfortable in the middle of the back row. My husband had so little leg room, he left at intermission. It was also very warm with no circulating air. Had to use the program as a fan.

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Audrey Cole
Review from Audrey Cole
95 events 34 reviews

While it's hard to match the sheer hype of this show, they did a wonderful job.

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L G.
Review from L G.
84 events 32 reviews

We took out of town guests to this on short notice, and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Everything you could want in a production.

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Review from JOGGING GAL
52 events 30 reviews

The performance was good and although I couldn't catch all the words being said since they were oftentimes quickly said, there were enough of the lines which I understood so I knew the story line. The male performers spoke loudly and clearly, but...continued

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Crystal Campisi
Review from Crystal Campisi
39 events 30 reviews

The singing and dancing were amazing, lead voices were strong! The large group choreography was impressive, the costumes were authentic. I would give it 5 stars except for one thing:

the CASTING. It's already confusing to have the founding...continued

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Review from kipellen
47 events 29 reviews

Really an amazing musical with very talented performers. Even better seeing it the second time!

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Navdeep Jassal
Review from Navdeep Jassal
68 events 27 reviews

Wonderful production!

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Review from Lori
42 events 26 reviews

Beautiful musical like I have never seen before. A must for everyone, especially the young ones. Stunning performances! Thanks for the great price and seats Goldstar! Go, go, go everyone!

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Review from MPKastner
42 events 21 reviews

Better than first time! Could see and hear well, great in every way

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Marion Engelke
Review from Marion Engelke
52 events 21 reviews

One of the best musicals I've seen!

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Irene Hashimoto
Review from Irene Hashimoto
37 events 21 reviews

Remarkable story, lyrics, teamwork, performance. Touched my heart.

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